The honeymoon is the transition period between the stress of the wedding and the commencement of your lives together. That is time you and your partner understand each other more deeply, know each other's likes and dislikes, and most importantly how each would like to be treated. Which is why you and your partner should plan the trip together. The compromises you have to make will be called upon, to make your partner happy and also to satisfy your own desires. It is necessary to have the kind of understanding that leads to long and happy married life.

Plan well, the sooner the better. A pleasureful honeymoon trip requires good planning. That way, you'll have plenty of time to research your trip — it’s part of the fun — and you'll be able to get exactly what you want. It starts even before the marriage, when things are finalized. When you make your initial wedding budget calculations, set aside an amount for the honeymoon. Talk to each other and know whether they have any dream place in their minds for honeymoon. Have everything planned, including the local conveyance at the honeymoon destination.

Less travel and more stay. A mistake that most honeymoon couple make is to plan to visit a lot of places. Don't be a "tourist couple" with site-seeing all day and travel all night. Choose just one or two places, close to each other, where you can relax and have pleasure. Honeymoon is all about how you feel on the trip rather than what you see!

Share the planning. After all, this honeymoon is for both of you. If you make all the decisions, you’ll feel guilty if things don’t go perfectly. Conversely, if you don’t take part in planning, you may end up dissatisfied.

Prepare well, get ready. Do not rush on to the trip. Take a couple of days time (may be even more) to shun off the post-wedding exhaustion. You need rest. Spend the time having a look at the wedding snaps and checking out the gifts. Get your cameras and handycams ready. Make some purchases for the honeymoon trip.

Take guidance. There are so many vacation options that you really should start the process by visiting a travel agent. A seasoned professional will spend time finding out about your ideal holiday and come up with a number of suggestions to suit your interests and your budget. Agents rarely charge for their services, and, thanks to their expertise and computerized systems, good travel agents almost always save their clients money as well as time.

Don't rely too much on friends and family. Ask for recommendations from friends and family, but don't let yourselves be overly influenced. Do your own thing. It's your honeymoon after all.

Check out the weather forecast. Why is the season so important? How about a honeymoon trip that is full of rain or scorching heat? What if you or your better half is down with cold? Oh no!! Choose a place that offers good weather conditions on that season. I would rate this as one of the most important factors on a honeymoon, even ahead of budget!

Take the contacts and be accessible. Take the names of your hotel managers, addresses, phone numbers along with you. Tell your family where you are going.

When you get to your hotel, don't be shy about telling the management that you are newlyweds. Often this will get you extra courtesies like a complimentary welcome or breakfast in bed, and make you feel special.

Comeback early. Do not honeymoon till the last minute of your holiday. Ideally, make sure you spend a weekend at home before you revert to normal life. You need rest.


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