Sun Signs
Sun Signs

[Contributed by Late Chiruvolu Sudhakar]


The first sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Mars and symbolized by the ram. Recently on a popular animal show, I observed the sparring techniques of the ram. The males lower their heads so that their horns extend forward; they take a firm stance and charge headlong into their adversary. The sound of their horns butting against each other is enough to make most humans cringe. Undaunted by their blows, however, they repeat this ritual over and over again for hours. I had to remark on the wisdom of the ancient astronomers to have matched so perfectly the sign of Aries with its zodiacal mascot, the ram.

When you first meet an Aries, you are impressed with the aura of physical power which seems to surround him. From his cheerful, yet honest glance, his confident handshake, and the firm stance of his feet on the ground, you get the feeling he knows exactly who he is and where he's going. But don't say something to get on his bad side. The ram can get pretty unruly when he lowers his horns, and I don't mean figuratively. Of all zodiacal natives, the Arien can most easily haul off and punch you right in the nose. Of course he'll apologize saying he didn't know what got into him, but only after he's had time to think about it. Doing first and thinking later, under most circumstances, is actually one of his strong points.

The resemblance to his mascot-counterpart does not end there. Physically, the Arien imposes a powerful looking frame with a well developed musculature. Even the women by their general demeanor will convey the attitude of being 'ready for action.' The face is almost always reddish or ruddy complected with decidedly sharp features. They will usually have very steady eyes. Try out-staring an Arien, and you'll soon know what I mean. The brows will generally be close-knit, seeming to join with the bridge of the nose to form a "T." The end of the nose which can be bulbous or button-shaped, appears somehow to stand out from or not go along with the rest of the face. The forehead is almost always prominent, further suggesting the ram's horns. Some Ariens may even bend forward slightly when they walk, leading themselves by the horns, so to speak, as if in search of another sparring partner.

From all of this you may infer Ariens to be a mean looking lot. Actually the opposite is true. Most of them are quite good looking, especially in the face, which is their strong point. In many female Ariens, the definitive jaw line and accentuated cheekbones suggests the classical facial lines of a model. The forward or aggressive appearance of many Mars-ruled is actually a design by Nature to hide their inner gentleness. Ariens, you see, are actually the babies of the zodiac. Just think of an infant in a bassinet, and you will have the perfect picture of the typical April-born. When baby's hungry, he'll scream his lungs out just to get your attention, his ams and legs flailing frantically in jerky movements; but when the crisis is over, he'll be as cute and cuddly as ever, making you wonder what all the fuss was about. Just watch your Arien friend the next time he's hungry. Nothing else will seem to matter but that he find a restaurant and eat, and you must be hungry too, right? After his needs are taken care of, everything is quite back to normal. It didn't seem to matter that the food wasn't to your liking or that you hadn't had enough. These facts seem to have never entered his consciousness. This is not to say Ariens are immature or inconsiderate. It's just that their wants or desires usually come first, and they sometimes have a hard time seeing beyond them to others' needs. If they do seem inconsiderate at times, you'll just have to chalk it up to the Arien way of doing things, and that's not so bad. After all, where else could you find such wide-eyed innocence and childlike good humor in the wake of such diplomatic faux pas.

Like the proverbial 'babe in the woods, ' there is something about Mars-ruled that always retains the qualities of innocence, naivete, and childish enthusiasm. The fellow who came up with the phrase "bright eyed and bushy tailed" must certainly have been talking about an Arien. Their approach to life is always optimistic but sometimes simplistic, seeing things in terms of black and white and remaining quite oblivious to so many shades of grey. This can sometimes make the ram narrow-minded or dogmatic in his thinking, but what he can accomplish without a lot of distracting nuances and complexities to slow him down is staggering. The Mars-ruled is action oriented, and nobody is better than he at getting the job done. Consider how many Ariens you know who are job foreman, managers, or who own their own businesses. Their ability at giving orders and relegating responsibility to subordinates in the job situation is uncanny. Don't put them in a position, however, where they'll have to deal with complex emotions or with a problem requiring delicate handling or subtlety. They're simply not equipped for it. They'll balk at the prospect of any such undertaking, being stultified with the complexities of the task.

There's nothing complex about these April-born. As with children, what you see is what you get. Their straightforwardness can be endearing, though it often gets them into trouble. They'll think nothing of telling you the dress you just bought is awful, even though you spent all afternoon picking it out. you should have bought one like the one they're wearing, and isn't it wonderful? Let's face it, tact and diplomacy are not high on the list of importance to Mars-ruled, and a few emotional bumps and bruises may well be in store for even their closest friends. What seems like rudeness is quite literally an obliviousness to your feelings; it's certainly not intentional. Just try and accuse them of being inconsiderate, and they'll stare at you in genuine wide-eyed innocence, wondering what it was they said wrong.

If your friend is an Arien, you can have consolation in knowing that, despite any shortcomings, he'll never play mind games. The Arien native, as the child in him would imply, is not the least bit calculating. He'll simply tell it like it is before he's had a chance to think about the consequences. You'll never catch him buttering up to the boss for a promotion, or plying you with fancy dinners to win a favor. Those ideas never really enter his mind. After all, why wouldn't you want to do him a favor just by his asking? He's got it coming to him, doesn't he? and whose life is more important anyway? As for buttering up the boss, Ariens may be too self-sufficient and proud to acknowledge they have a boss. Indeed, they may even take work matters into their own hands without the boss's knowledge. These Mars-ruled do not work well under authority unless they, too, have subordinates to whom to give orders. They resent being ordered around because they feel their ideas are the best anyway, and who should question them? In this respect, they are probably right. As I mentioned before, the Arien's knack for knowing how to get the job done is unsurpassed. Nevertheless, their disregard for authority can sometimes get them into trouble and can even cost them their job. Ask any Mars-ruled how many times he's been fired, and he'll probably tell you more than once.

The childlike enthusiasm of April-born is infectious, and their ability to rouse others to interest in a project or undertaking is unparalleled. As soon as the undertaking has gotten off the ground and is well on its way, however, their own interest wanes. Ariens soon become bored once the novelty of a project has worn thin. It's not that they are lazy; no sign is more energetic. It's just that Mars-ruled are initiators, not perpetuators, and need the constant challenge of newness to keep themselves from getting bored. Progress is important to them. There is a drive in them to be constantly moving forward, and they can become downright ornery if they feel their progress is in any way impeded. To have to retrace their steps or go back to a former lifestyle or circumstance is unthinkable to most Ariens. They'd just as soon take their chances on unbroken ground.

There's nothing an Arien likes better than to have his ego bolstered. He seeks praise not necessarily for what he has accomplished but simply for who and what he is. When the ram feels he's not getting his share of admiration from those around him, he'll often exaggerate the truth in his own favor to evoke more favorable comments. Ariens won't usually lie. That is quite beyond their straightforward nature, but a little embellishment here and there never hurt anyone. When your Arien friend tells you about the new apartment he just moved into, for example, he'll describe it in terms of crystal chandeliers, hand-tooled woodwork, and spacious windows. When you actually see it, however, it may appear somewhat less than you had imagined. The Arien trait of bending the truth in part represents their need to mark the stamp of their individuality on everything they do. The ram is not content to let even the facts remain unaltered by his Arien originality, and if in the process he can direct a little more attention to himself, so much the better.

The Arien need for originality is put to good use in occupations where a personal touch is required. Interior decorating, custom catering, hair design, cinematography, photography, architectural design, etc. are replete with Mars-ruled whose flair and originality add a breath of freshness to their respective fields. Leave it to an Arien to keep your company, project or undertaking fresh and in keeping with the times. In business their progressive originality is always seeking new outlets, and work is never dull in their arena. Next time you're at work, or anywhere for that matter, notice the individual with more than the average ambition, a cheerful brand of optimism, and fiery energy and originality. Chances are he or she will be an Aries.


The second sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the bull. Persons born under this earthy, fixed sign are as strong, as steady as the enduring magnificence of a great mountain. Through the years, the mountain stands impervious to the onslaughts of weather, time, floods, droughts and fire, and remains — beckoning our respect and admiration. Its presence creates a beautiful picture, a landmark, a symbol of security for us to identify with, now and for years to come. Taurus individuals are a lot like that beautiful mountain. They seem to have a timeless quality, solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, apparently unchanged by the tide of human events, and unmoved by the pettiness of other mortals around them. Removed as they might seem from human interaction, they still manage to fit into the picture quite admirably, like the mountain, beckoning our respect and admiration. They most often typify the solid citizen and can be found in occupations such as a real estate broker, banker, farmer, financial consultant and the like. But even the mountain, steady as it may seem, will every once in a while, every once in a great, great while, give in to its inner rumblings and spew forth its torrents of utter devastation as a volcano. Nothing can stand in the way of its tremendous power, nor be untouched by its destructive flows. And when all the dust has settled, everything seems to return to its former tranquility, not to be disturbed again for another hundred years or so.

Taureans disposition will probably show their destructive side a few times more per century than the volcano, but not many times more. They are very slow to anger and may even bear indignities silently for many years without complaint. The full extent of their fury may erupt only a few times in their entire lifetime, but when the Taurean's temper finally blows, there is unleashed a destructive force that indeed bears resemblance to that of a volcano. The scathing wrath of a Scorpio doesn't compare to the bull's intemperance. The analogy of 'a bull in a china shop' accurately forebodes the kind of destruction that is likely to attend their blind rage.

This is not to say that the Taurean personality is by any means cruel, overreacting, or violent. Quite the opposite is true. May-born are the most placid, self-controlled individuals you'd ever want to meet. They don't want to go out of their way to hurt you; they just want to be left alone. Their normally staid countenance and easy-going manner bespeak a reverence for the earth, and a desire for harmony among its inhabitants. It takes an awful lot to make the Taurean angry, and the bull will normally take all kinds of insults, derisions, or off-color remarks quite easily in stride, keeping his emotions in check beneath a strong, cool composure. But try and impose one indignity more than he's willing to bear, or wave one red flag too many in the bull's idyllic pasture, and you had better run for your life. The bull will flare his nostrils, lower his horns and charge! Make no bones about it. The Taurean's fury, once set in motion, is impossible to stop and must run its course. No amount of reasoning or logic will prevent it.

Physically, you can expect Taureans to very much resemble their zodiacal mascot, the bull. The shape of the face is often square, and the ears are usually small and close to the head. The hair is generally dark, ranging in texture from the wavy to curly to crinkly, and you may notice a tuft or curl of hair above the center of the forehead, curiously similar to the growth between the bull's horns. The eyes are soft and affectionate, much like a puppy dog's, and members of the opposite sex can find it hard to resist their seductive charm. The neck is usually short and sturdy-looking. The general countenance is serene, characteristic of their zodiacal mascot, combining great mildness with great strength. They are often big-boned with large, imposing bodies, giving an appearance of weightiness in every sense of the word. They appear to have an extra layer of insulating fat, distributed more or less evenly over the entire body. This layer of fat is by no means unattractive, appearing solid, and well suited to the Taurean frame. Consider the likes of Taureans Ann Margret or Cher, and you need wonder no longer just how appealing May-born can be! In spite of the fact that many Taureans give the impression of bigness, they aren't exactly what you would call fat. Stocky or solid far better describes them, and the average Taurean wouldn't be the least bit offended by these terms.

The big-bodied image of Taureans, however, can be misleading and should not become too firmly implanted in one's mind. Many are quite thin, even frail, their appearance defying the usual Taurean physical characteristics. These May-born will probably have a Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces Ascendant which will greatly alter the classical Taurean appearance. Nowhere else in the zodiac are physical characteristics so mitigated by other planetary influences than in Taurus. How else are you going to explain those May-born slight-of-frame such as Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, or Audrey Hepburn? Varied as the natives of this sign may appear, there is one telltale characteristic which will always give the elusive bull away. The eyes will appear to bulge slightly, having a conical or pointed shape at the cornea. Sound too easy to be true? Just look closely at your Taurean friend next time you run into him, and when he catches you examining his eyes, just tell him your making sure he is who he says he is.

In their expression and manner Taureans convey a feeling of extreme nonchalance. The image Taurean Bing Crosby presented in his "road movies" with Bob Hope is hardly that of the excitable type. Even though he faced extreme danger, this venerable Taurean, unlike his Gemini sidekick, seemed to take it all in stride, with hardly a flicker of anxiety. Too often the Taurean nonchalance is mistaken for disinterest or apathy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Taureans are intensely aware of their surroundings, and they haven't been cut short in the feelings department either. They have a reputation for passion second only to Scorpio. Just try and violate a moral or philosophical issue the Taurean really believes in, and you may have a bull opposite your corner ready to lower his horns. In most cases, however, these May-born aren't going to get all hot and bothered over something unless they feel it is really deserving of their attention. Taureans have an air of imperturbability about them which can make you think you're talking to a brick wall. They really do feel what you're talking about; they'd just rather not give you a reaction until they have had time to think about it. Besides, they'd rather see you do all the work canvassing the issues, investigating the pros and cons, and finally bringing back to them the distillation of all your effort. Taureans have a knack for drawing things to them, and it is amazing how people will almost bend over backwards to do for them.

The Taurean is very slow to form any new opinions. He has to weigh things very carefully, sometimes even for years, before accepting any new idea, concept, or philosophy. But when he does, you can be sure it will be based on the foundations of logic, moral righteousness, and cautious conservatism, and he'll probably believe in it for the rest of his life. Taurus-influenced individuals are actually the stabilizing factor in society. They help keep the rest of us from rashness or impetuousness, and prevent us from changing too fast. When those of any group or faction, be they political, moral or philosophical, get too far out of line, it is the bull which gathers them back into his never-changing pasture, to reaquaint them with the virtues of tradition, 'tried-and-true' methods, conservatism and common sense.

It doesn't take a lot of change to keep the average Taurean happy. In fact, he'd probably be quite content to follow the same routine for years without any real changes, excepting perhaps a continual rise in his income. Just plunk the average Taurean down in his old familiar easy chair, let him read the financial news or stock market reports, and he'll let the rest of the world go by. Try and get him to sit in another chair or read the sports page instead, and he'll balk. Most Taureans don't like a change in routine. It somehow disturbs their equilibrium. If you're married to a May-born, don't let him come home to find that you've rearranged the furniture or re-painted the walls a different color. The shock will be too much for his system, and he may actually appear to get physically ill. The secret to handling the average Taurean is to warn him at least a week ahead of time of any changes that may be coming up. That way he'll have plenty of time to prepare himself and gradually accept the new conditions. But try to spring a change on him suddenly, and you'll be confronting a brick wall. Most Taureans don't like to be pushed around by what they consider flights of fancy, but if given enough time, they can adapt to almost anything.

What has been sometimes been attributed to Taurus as sluggishness is actually a quality of inertia. Like a locomotive, they are slow to get moving, but once in motion, and having gained momentum, they are impossible to stop. Taureans can be powerhouses once they feel what they are doing is right or productive. Whoever accused them of sluggishness had seen them before they had gathered steam. At full throttle, the Taurean is a tireless worker, keeping to the straight and narrow track and will not stop until he has reached his goal or objective. Though you may try to deter him from his self-appointed path, the bull will forge ahead letting nothing stand in his way. If he has made an error in judgement along the way, he himself must see his oversight, steer himself in the new direction, and continue on. The bull will rarely succumb to outside influences when pursuing his goals.

If you have deduced from this that the Taurean is a bit stubborn, you are wrong. He is a lot stubborn! When his mind is made up, it's made up, and all the forces of Aristotelian logic or psychoanalytical persuasion won't deter him from his point of view! The bull will seem quite unruffled if you get frustrated with his hard-headedness. After all, he knows the real truth, doesn't he? Your arguments will only seem left-wing or extremist to him, and why should he waste time arguing over something that's already been settled in his mind? May-born can sometimes hold onto a belief or attitude long after all sense of logic or reasoning has proved them wrong, and trying to argue with them about it is a losing proposition from the start. Just give the bull a little time, however, and he'll come around, though he may be too proud to admit he was actually ever wrong. On the plus side, the Taurean will never keep you guessing about where he stands. His opinions are never 'way out,' radical, or too progressive, and you can count on his usually conservative stance now or years from now. He'll never ride the fence on an issue, and will even defend his cause vehemently, if necessary. Though he may not be overly expressive or verbal on the issues, his confident silence seems only to reaffirm the solidity of his position, and indeed, the veracity of his beliefs.

As friends or mates, Taureans will always be there when you need them. Their attribute is constancy, and you'll have comfort in knowing that, like the great mountain, they'll weather even the toughest of times and come away just as before, but stronger. Definitely the strong, silent type, their calm exterior reflects the strength of inner convictions. Taurean Gary Cooper is a perfect example of the bull's uncanny ability to display great strength without moving a muscle. With a bull in your corner, you will have a most trustworthy ally, whose strength of character stands like a mighty oak, and whose affections can be as permanent, as enduring as the earth itself. To those who really know the bull, this can be a comforting thought indeed.


The third sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the twins and ruled by the planet Mercury. As the name of their ruling planet suggests, these natives are pure 'quicksilver,' dazzling you with their mental brilliance and intriguing you with their quick-witted charm. Have you ever tried to hold onto a ball of mercury or quicksilver? It rolls around in your hand seeming to vibrate electrically as it darts every which way, trying to escape your grasp. Just when you think you have it under control, it splits into two, each ball shooting in different directions until you've lost them both. The average Gemini is just about as difficult to hold on to. Just when you think you've caught their attention, they're off in a flash, racing to another rendezvous or finding new adventure. Even the more sedate Geminis will seem to escape your scrutiny, as if shrouded in a silver cloud of mercurial vapor, ready to disappear like Merlin or change personalities as easily as a chameleon changes color, all at a moment's notice. Sometimes they'll even split into two, right before your eyes, and you'll swear you're talking to two different people.

If the Gemini native sounds a little puzzling to you, you're not alone. Few can fully understand the whimsical nature of this truly enigmatic sign. Now you see them, now you don't, and sometimes you'll see double. Gemini is the sign of the twins, remember, and you'll have to consider you're dealing with more than one personality. Within each Gemini man or woman is at least two people, sometimes more, and you'll have to learn to tell them apart if you are going to have any success at all in dealing with the capricious sign of the twins.

You can expect June-born to exemplify the qualities of their ruling planet, Mercury. There is an electrical quality, an alert cheerfulness, especially in the eyes, which can make them some of the most engaging people you'd ever want to meet. Their mental alacrity is matched only by the quickness and eagerness of their movements, all bound up in an almost inexhaustible supply of nervous energy. You'll think their only speed is fast forward, but in the next moment, they'll be suave, cool and collected, endearing you with their wit and charm. On again, off again; up again, down again; this is the restless pattern of the natives of Mercury, and you need only visualize tiny spurts and sparks of electrical energy emanating from within their animated personalities to complete the picture. Their eyes sparkle with all the effervescence of champagne, and you'll be reminded of the children's song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. In their devilish smiles and knowing glances, you'll find an impish quality which keeps them eternally youthful .

The Gemini's build is usually slender, of average height or slightly taller, with a certain litheness of limb and movement. The arms may be unusually long, having the appearance of being loosely connected at the shoulders, and the natives may swing them when they walk in long sweeping movements. The features are finely chiseled but soft, with pleasing proportions. The eyes are most often light-colored, and the eyelashes are unusually dark and long, giving some female Geminis a somewhat feline appearance. Even the males will sometimes have eyelashes that would be the envy of many a female. The nose is usually straight, ranging from long to dainty, but never sharp, and the chin is usually well-proportioned and reserved. The general countenance is very alert and intelligent-looking, with a high degree of sensibility in all of the features.

The sign Gemini represents primarily the intellect and its communicative function, as quite apart from the functions of logic, analysis, and reasoning, which are perhaps better relegated to other signs. The Gemini has by no means been cut short of these latter faculties and can even bring them to quite magnificent expression. It's just that he generally becomes bored with their belabored intricacies, and would rather keep things on the light side. Thus we see born under this sign many newscasters, reporters, salesman, joke writers, clerks, actors and comedians, where dealing with the facts, or the topics themselves is all important, without delving too much into their ramifications or relationship to other things. The Gemini delights in the processing of information through his highly sophisticated, finely-tuned brain, and often he'll add twists of his own— an analogy, an alliteration, a rhyme, a quip, witticism, or double meaning to the subject at hand, with such speed, facility, and finesse, that you are left only to marvel at the high development of his mental faculty. Sometimes you can almost hear the computer-like clicking of mental synapses behind matter-of-fact but intelligent eyes, as he comes up with ingenious turns of phrase, one after the other, without raising an eyebrow or even changing expression. Not all Geminis will demonstrate such quick minds, but with these natives there will always be an element of cool objective detachment.

The Gemini's prime directive is communication, and he'll engage in witty conversation, read you the stock market report or give you a rundown of current events all with apparent ease. There may be an apparent lack of reaction to what he has said, keeping you to guess whether he has been affected by the impact of his words. Just listen to any newscaster on the evening news, and you can appreciate the Geminian matter-of-fact delivery. In every case, it is a planetary influence in Gemini which allows the newsperson to talk about hundreds killed in Afghanistan, tornados in the Mid-West, and the weather, all with about the same tone of expression.

Though cool as a cucumber they may be, Geminis can never be accused of callousness. Actually, once you get to know them, they can be as warm, as concerned as any sign in the zodiac. Their cheerful affability can brighten up even the worst of doldrums, and they will always be the first ones there when you need them. Mercurial expression, however, is not particularly emotional, and therein lies the crux of the Gemini duality. With these natives, the focus of consciousness tends more toward their intellectual side, sometimes outweighing the emotional perspective. There appears to be a predominance of intellect over emotion, but it is appearance only. Just because their focus is intellectual does not mean that these natives are without heart. The emotions are highly developed and intact, but the Gemini's "modus operandi" so to speak, is usually from an intellectual perspective, not precluding emotions, but merely overshadowing them a good deal of the time. When the Gemini does show his feelings, they are expressed through a veil of intellectualism, and have the appearance of being acted out rather than genuine, superficial rather than real. Thus emerges the other twin of the Gemini duality, where giddiness may represent love, and glibness genuine caring. This second twin actually becomes a psychological necessity, providing the emotional balance to the Gemini's intellectual nature.

By now you may have deduced that the Gemini can be quite a gadabout. It's true. Like Mercury, the "winged messenger of the gods," these light-footed couriers seem to be in constant motion, running household errands, off to an appointment at the manicurist (Geminis love to have their nails done), grabbing a bite to eat at a fast food place (they hate to take the time to sit down and eat), picking up the kids at school, stopping off at the local bookstore and returning books to the library, all in an afternoon. In their never-ending crusade against sedentariness, Geminis manage to find an endless array of mobile activities to occupy themselves, and never enough time to do them all. Try and accuse them of gallivanting around town, and they'll defend themselves indignantly, "But all those things have to be done!" They do have a point, but now that you've caught the Gemini between mercurial assignments, can he or she just sit down and relax? No. Right away, the June-born will get on the telephone, make appointments with the hairdresser or barber, chat with friends, discuss some business arrangements with a colleague and order some hors d'oeuvres for a party that night. Before you know it they are back on the road again. Needless to say, life is never dull with the sons or daughters of Mercury around. When their bodies stop moving, their minds click back into action, keeping mercurial winds blowing in the whirlwind of activity that always seems to surround them. They'll never get along with stick-in-the-muds who want to just sit around all day. A Gemini just won't be held down.

As you might expect, Geminis can never aspire to a monotonous occupation or profession, or any humdrum activity that doesn't give vent to their restless natures. Gemini natives are endowed with an insatiable curiosity, and they need variety in everything they do—their occupation, hobbies, interests, foods, recreation, and romance. If you're married to a Gemini, take heart. June born will rarely seek variety outside of the marriage, but they'll look to you for that extra measure of spice. Their romantic escapades rarely go beyond flirtation, but they are flirts! You may have to get used to calls in the wee hours from certain impressionable admirers who had fallen prey to your Gemini's cool, suave charms, and had taken them seriously.

It is a well-known fact that Geminis may tend to have a little 'larceny in their blood.' Their keen intelligence, their suave, debonair manner, their lightning-fast responses when under fire, and their superior mental abilities, all add up to the perfect attributes for a manipulator of any kind. Few Geminis will sink to the level of orchestrating schemes, but when they do, they are usually very good at it, and seldom get caught. To them, capers are just another mental game, and the Gemini can find immense pleasure in matching wits with the law or the public and coming out the victor. The average Gemini, however, manages to restrict his lower impulses to activities of less consequence. Little white lies are their foible, and they'll practice their art of verbal houdinism just for the fun of it. Next time you're in the market for a used car, better check out the salesman's birthday. If he's a Gemini, you could go home thinking you've bought a cherry of an automobile and end up with less than you bargained for.

Sincerity has never been one of their strong points, and Geminis can deliver a pretty convincing line of smooth flattery now and then, just for the sheer relish of the moment, without dreaming it could lead to anything. Intentional or not, their glib conversation can get them into some pretty embarrassing situations. As their dual natures would have it, however, they can talk themselves out of a jam just as easily as they got themselves into it, with equally convincing candor. What's worse is you'll believe them. Such is the Gemini's mastery of the language to be able to manipulate your thinking in any way he sees fit, to steer the bend of the conversation to any advantage he so desires, and have you love him for it. One minute you'll find yourself agreeing with him on a point, and in the next contradicting yourself by taking the opposite view, all through his ingeniously subtle prompting and mental sleight-of-hand. Some June-born will take devilish delight in bewildering you with their lightning-fast mental processes, and instead of being annoyed at their little game, you'll be fascinated by their mental adroitness.


The fourth sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the crab and ruled by the Moon. Persons born under this sign are called Moonchildren, and justifiably so. If you really observe the full Moon on a clear night, you will see in it some striking similarities to the Cancer people you know. First, notice the face of the man in the Moon. Is he smiling or frowning? It may be hard to tell, but if you study his countenance long enough you may decide it is a little of both. Or is his visage one of worry? of apprehension? The longer you look the more it seems to change expression, as if seen through a watery looking glass or as the reflected image on a tranquil lake. Drop a dreamlike pebble into the watery glow of its image, and through the ripples of your heartstrings, it will create a thousand emotions, so real you can't deny them, yet so fleeting they escape your grasp. Just as the Moon may defy all your attempts at analysis, you can still feel the cool steady outpouring of lunar iridescence, like torrents of emotion, beckoning your heart. Indeed many lovers, young and old alike, have found romantic inspiration under its permeative rays, and artists, poets, and musicians have, through the ages, found enchantment under its enigmatic pallor.

Cancer natives can be just as enchanting. Looking into their sensitive, aqueous eyes is like gazing into deep, limpid pools of ceaseless emotion. Most often you will notice in their expression an appealing softness, a look of tenderness or a sentimental longing for times past, but, as if from some unseen cue, their mood can suddenly turn to cynicism, surprise, or hurtfulness. Cancers' emotions are as changeable as the Moon itself, waxing and waning with the prevailing emotional atmosphere around them, and sometimes as moonbeams, which break through passing clouds and are blocked again from view, their moods can fluctuate from moment to moment. They'll have their share of emotional ups and downs, but underneath it all is the Cancerian emotional fortitude, which can be as enduring as the Moon's perpetual gaze upon us.

In physical appearance, Cancerians will fall into one of two types: the Moon or the crab. The first is easiest to recognize and will give every indication of the Moon's appearance. The catchword for this type is "round." They'll have large, round eyes, round face, round body, even rounded limbs. Just think of the man in the moon, and you can easily recognize the wide-eyed impressionability of this classical Cancerian type. The second is a little harder to recognize, but with a little practice, you'll spot him in a crowd, too. This type exemplifies many of the physical characteristics of the crab. They'll have a rather broad cranium, bony in appearance, with a large, overhanging brow. The eyes will be somewhat smaller than the first type, usually set far apart, but still very round. They'll have a large or wide mouth which seems to be grinning even when their face is completely relaxed. The jaw may be prominent in some way, sometimes resembling the mandibles of the crab, and the teeth may appear loosely joined in the mouth or irregularly spaced. Both types are usually short with rather wide shoulders, and many Cancerians will tend to be plump, though pleasingly, remaining true to the image of their ruling planet, the Moon, or of their zodiacal mascot, the crab. The crab type, however, much like his namesake, will have a more rugged exterior than the Moon type whose appearance will be more delicate.

The Cancerian temperament is a veritable kaleidoscope of ever-changing emotion. During the course of a conversation, you may notice passing fleetingly across the faces of July-born, scores of distinctively different emotions, no two ever repeating themselves or being expressed in exactly the same way. Quite simply, Cancers exude emotion. Upon meeting one of these Moonchildren, you immediately get the sense of a strong emotional aura or presence about them which reflects their mood at the moment. If they feel ecstatic, you can't help but feel ecstatic yourself, sometimes without knowing why. Many Cancerians, when they are happy, can have a shrieking, almost hysterical laughter, and only the coldest of hearts could resist its charm. When they are depressed, however, you had better be careful not to get dragged into the doldrums yourself. Don't invite your Cancer friend to your party if he's sounding a little depressed over the phone. He'll soon have your whole merry affair turned upside down with his Cancerian blues. No other zodiacal native has so permeative an emotional aura as to either lift your spirits to ecstatic heights or to fill you with clouds of gloom, depending on their mood.

Cancerians are incurable romantics. You'll often find them buried dreamily in a romantic novel or a good book of poetry or classical romantic literature. They'll find it hard to resist a good movie classic, a period film, reruns of nostalgic shows from their childhood, or a love story. Some of them will go through their TV guide religiously each week, marking off selections they don't want to miss. Don't be surprised when your Cancer friend comes into work a little bleary-eyed one morning from having stayed up the night before watching a tearjerker on the late, late show. They love to dream of far away places and times past and will talk about historical events as if they were actually there. Most Cancerians, in fact have a special reverence for the past, and if you ask them to tell you whom of all people they admire most, they'll most often rattle off names of several prominent historical figures. Nearly every Cancerian has a treasured collection of nostalgic bric-a-brac, old letters, or sentimental keepsakes which he'll guard as if they were the crown jewels. A tattered remnant of clothing from the high school prom, a pair of worn-out sneakers, or a flower carefully preserved between the pages of a Bible might be considered old junk to other signs, but the Cancerian holds them as treasures dear to his heart.

'Home is where the heart is,' and this idiom has no greater ring of truth than when describing how the Cancer feels about his abode. Home is where he dreams, lives, plays, loves, and it is the only place he truly feels secure. Though they may travel extensively or have to spend extended periods away from home, all Cancerians needs a berth to call their own. No one is more adept than they at making a home feel like a home. With a special knack for creating an air of comfort, coziness, quaintness and charm, July-born will decorate and furnish their homes as if they plan to spend a lot of time there, and they usually do. Like the real crab who builds his watery burrow beneath the protective ocean depths, human crabs will tend to make their homes a restful sanctuary from the real world. Upon entering a Cancerian's home, you can immediately get the feeling of a time and place past, when life moved at a slower pace and there was more time for intimacy and family life. You will notice more than a few antiques which your host will expect you to praise lavishly, and there will usually be some handmade articles or wall decorations from family members, relatives, or grandchildren. Furnishings of real wood, pewter, or brass (never plastic or contemporary materials!) which the Cancerian has gathered in his many travels, will tastefully accent each room. Just as the real crab, who peers from his underwater burrow to view the rays of sunshine penetrating his aquamarine environment, Cancerians are fascinated by the interplay of light and color, and stained glass, crystal, or an aquarium are likely to be figured prominently in their home decor. Once he has furnished his abode to his liking, and has surrounded himself with all the accouterments of domestic life, the Cancer native is quite content to let the rest of the world go by.

Cancerians have a special knack for creating a "homey" atmosphere no matter where they happen to be. Even at work their engaging conversation and folksy humor tend to create an atmosphere of 'down home' comfort and familial camaraderie among fellow employees. Some of them will remind you of your Uncle Lou or Aunt Martha, and it is amazing to discover how many July-born have acquired the nickname 'good ole' in front of their names. In their jovial moods, they'll be cutups and practical jokers to no end. No one enjoys a good joke more than a Cancer, and if he's not laughing hysterically over someone else's antics, he'll be performing some of his own. Their innate understanding of human emotion allows them to see through the pretenses of other signs and find the underlying humor in almost any situation. Not particularly given to role playing or social dictates, but preferring to remain true to themselves, Cancerians can exhibit all the playfulness and capriciousness of a child.

As happy-go-lucky as Cancerian natives can be, there is always lurking in the background of their personalities, fears of some unknown dangers or forebodings of disaster in the future. As if from some hidden cue, these crabs can suddenly retreat into the watery burrows of their inner consciousness and not be seen for days. Just when you begin thinking you may never see them again or that they've taken an unannounced trip to Alaska, up pops the crab from his hovel beneath the sand as if he had never been gone. Try and question him about his absence and he'll probably not know what you're talking about or remark non-committally that he's been here and there. There is a private, reclusive part to every Cancerian you'll never know. Because of their extreme emotional sensitivity, they secretly fear ridicule, and would rather retreat than defend themselves. As with real crabs, whose soft insides are protected by a hard outer shell, there is an emotional vulnerability within all Cancerians which they try to mask by a tough exterior. Sometimes expressed as crabbiness (the derivative for this word is no accident), their attempts at coldness are never completely successful, for the Cancerian warmth of heart always manages to come through.

Cancerians are never truly happy unless they have someone or something to care for. There's a strong maternal instinct in both sexes, and if not looking after children, they'll be babying their friends or loved ones. They'll act as if you're forever starving, trying to stuff you with lots of good wholesome food or tempt you with piping hot bowls of minestrone soup. Of course you'll oblige. The Cancerian domestic charm is irresistible. As hosts they'll reawaken in you childhood memories of mother's homemade chicken soup, Sunday afternoon get-togethers with relatives, or grandma's apple pie. Food somehow represents security to Cancerians, and they won't rest easy if they think you're not getting proper nourishment.

As great and numerous as they may be, Cancerians' accomplishments may sometimes go unnoticed. Their efforts are certainly no less worthy of praise than those of other signs, but July-born are generally too unsure of themselves before large numbers of people to actually seek after the raves and admiration of others. Just as the Moon has no luminescent capability of its own, but must depend on the Sun for its reflected brilliance, Moonchildren would rather bask in the reflected glow of their loved one's accomplishments than seek the limelight themselves. No parent feels greater satisfaction at his son's or daughter's graduation than a Cancerian, and no sign shows more interest in developing their children's talents and abilities. As mates they'll be more supportive of their spouses' careers than any talent agent, business partner or promoter ever could be. The idiom, "Behind every great man, there's a great woman," could probably be more correctly written, "Behind every great soul there's a son or daughter of the Moon." Like the ebb and flow of ageless waters, the crab's emotions run true and deep, lending encouragement, support or sympathy when needed. They'll give much, asking only your appreciation in return. Looking into the tender eyes of July-born, you may feel compelled to say "I love you." After all, it's what these natives need to hear.


The fifth sign of zodiac, is ruled by the sun and symbolized by the lion. If you've recently been made a grandiose gesture of generosity, been given a grand tour of the city in royal fashion, or been roused to action by splendid oratory, you've probably come in contact with the more familiar carryings-on of the big cat. Better not take these gifts too lightly, though. The lion will expect tribute for his condescension, and he'll feel sorely wounded if you don't show the proper respect and appreciation for the bestowal of his regal charms. In their bearing and manner, natives of this sign can show a remarkable similarity to their zodiacal mascot. Just as the lion is king of the jungle, Leos tend to rule over any situation they're involved with. They'll growl, paw, or stand with regal dignity just to make their presences known. If these fail to summon your dutiful homage, they'll let forth a commanding roar just to let you know who's boss. Not that the lion is an overbearing or dictatorial autocrat, that would be too rash an appraisal of his sense of fair play. Once his subjects come to know him better, they realize his roar is worse than his bite. In his more tranquil moods, he'll yawn lazily with self-contentment, contemplating his kingdom, quite satisfied with the effects of his realm.

You can expect human cats to very much resemble their animal counterparts. Many Leos will tend to be broad at the shoulders and trim at the hips, resembling the lion's anatomy, and they'll often strut when they walk, puffing out their chests and holding their stomachs in. An unmistakable trademark of Leo is the very erect and upright bearing of the upper torso, neck and head, as if to suggest the stance of a monarch glancing condescendingly upon his subjects. They'll usually have beautiful wavy blond or reddish hair that is distinctive in some way, either sweeping gracefully up and out, away from the face in mane-like fashion, or laying close to the head, scooping decidedly across the forehead. The eyes, which are commanding and fearless with sometimes a trace of haughtiness, are soft, usually brown, with a slight tilt at the corners. The nose is usually straight with a tendency to aquilinity, and the complexion is rosy or flushed. The whole expression is what is generally recognized as leonine, combining regal self-assuredness with an almost disdainful nonchalance. The Leo native is generally robust, and all his faculties and proportions, especially in regard to physical appearance, are in balance and harmony. The Greeks instinctively recognized this, making their Sun gods, Apollo and Hercules, models of the human form.

Like the majesty of the sun which is their ruling body, Leos can shine brilliantly among their peers, having an abundance of vitality and an inexhaustible zest for life. Just as the sun is the center of our planetary system, Leos tend to become the center of any project they become involved in, and all activity seems to revolve around them. It's their birthright to lead, and they'll naturally assume center stage without your asking. Let someone question leonine authority, though, or the whole group turn against the lion, and he may cut himself off from a project entirely. Leos simply can't function if they're not in a position to lead, and they'll brood despondently until their regal status has been reinstated or they find another group of loyal followers. Clouds of gloom will never dim the Leo 's normally sunny disposition for long . His magnetic personality soon gathers unto him willing subjects by the droves ready to do his bidding.

Leonine rule is not given without justification. In the work situation they'll exhibit marvelous executive capability, delegating responsibilities according to the task at hand, never succumbing to pettiness or favoritism. Owing to their natural largess and openness of heart, they'll become much-liked executives not only for their fairness, but because they can see a project in it's grandest perspective, imbuing in it a nobility of purpose. Leo natives have a disdain for details; those are left up to the specialized talents of underlings to whom the lion has assigned specific tasks. Their chief attribute in any job situation is the unique capacity for the overall manipulation of talent, means and substance to produce a desired result. This singular capacity is the mark of many industrialists, magnates and tycoons, and it is not surprising that more wealth is found under Leo than any other Sun sign.

The leonine tendency is to expansion, not in the abstract sense of the Sagittarian, whose consciousness is expanded to breadth of understanding, but in a more materialistic sense where the Leo becomes aware that his own capability for physical manipulation expresses his relationship to the larger world. Leo natives won't do things unless they can do them in a big way. They'll hate amateurism in all its forms, and will always want to work at the highest level in whatever they do. Rather than be intimidated by a project of grand proportions, Leos will be fired by the challenge, carrying out their duties with confidence and style.

In money matters, Leos can be generous to a fault. Their hearts are as big as their bank accounts, and if they feel your need is genuine, they'll spare no expense, financial or otherwise, to help you out of a jam. Even if their funds are temporarily depleted, they'll go out and borrow from someone else if they have to, just to see you through. They are no less open-handed when it comes to charitable causes. The Leo native, however, rarely gives money anonymously. You're not likely to find him dropping petty cash into the offering basket at Sunday church service or donating trivial sums of money to their favorite charities as the rest of us mere mortals. The kingly Leo is given to much more extravagance, and the donation of a new school wing, a hospital, or a concert hall is more in line with his philanthropic persuasion. Rather than give to several charities, he'd rather pool all his resources in one grand gesture of magnanimity, and bask in the attending glory. Just be sure you spell his name right on the cornerstone or plaque commemorating his contribution. Leos love to take credit and be appreciated, remember, and the more adulation the better.

Leos naturally have a flair for drama, and this sign is typically associated with actors, actresses and the theatre in general. The glint in the Leo's eye is a reflected glow of the limelight, and even if the lion has not plotted out for himself a career on the professional stage, you'll often find him taking a lead role in an amateur dramatic society play or production. Though occasionally there are one or two Leos who may fit the description of a ham, most August-born will take their creative efforts seriously, accepting applause only if they feel their job has been well done. Leos instinctively understand the heroic-tragic nature of earthly existence as typified in men's struggles with the forces of destiny, and the talent for conveying this awareness on stage is uniquely leonine. It is noteworthy that great character actors will always have predominating planetary influences, if not the sun, under the sign of the big cat. Leo natives have an innate capacity for expressing themselves in an elegant, almost regal manner, and they somehow find deep spiritual satisfaction in finding outlets for their creative abilities.

No matter where they happen to be, Leos tend to create their own dramatic scenarios, placing themselves in the leading roles, and you and everyone else in supporting roles, of course. In the domestic scene, the Leo native will expect to be king or queen of the castle, and you can sometimes see the children almost bow with a respectful politeness as they approach their regal parent. Though the average Leo will come to expect such ceremonious homage, his love of fun will easily take over, especially when it comes to children, and he'll soon be rollicking on the floor with them like a big, playful cat. Did I mention that Leos love children? Fewer things are more important to August-born than their own progeny, and they have a natural affinity for all children in general. Their attitude toward them, however, is not like the doting Cancer or the permissive Pisces. Leo parents will expect their offspring to emulate their kingly ways, like little princes and princesses learning ascendancy to the throne. The lion will lecture them endlessly about the do's and don't's of proper behavior, but seldom punishes if they disobey. For all their attempts at discipline and their insistent demands, Leos will spoil them shamelessly. Though the lion may sometimes feign indifference to children, the little ones themselves realize it is only a pretense, and they'll end up taking advantage of leonine over-indulgence every time. Leave it up to a child's intuition to recognize that for all his grumbling and growling, the lion is really soft-hearted at the core.

A group of lions is not called a 'pride' without reason. Leos have their share of pride and then some, and the ruddiness in their complexion is more apt to be a suffusion of dignity than a blush of shame. Just try and pay your Leo friend's way next time you're out to dinner with him. The lion can pay his own way, thank you, and he'll probably end up paying for your dinner as well. You'll rarely see the king of beasts accepting charity, even if he is in sore need of funds, and the idea of collecting welfare or unemployment benefits is really quite foreign to him. Besides, owing to his natural flair for wheeling and dealing, he can usually come up with some quick cash if he has to. Even in the face of adversity, financial ruin or failure, the lion never lowers his regal mane because he knows these conditions are only momentary obstacles to his rightful status. Besides, his energetic resourcefulness will never allow him to stay down for long.

There's hardly a lion or lioness who won't succumb to a sincere line of flattery now and then. Even if your honeyed words fall short of being all that sincere, the Leo will graciously accept them as stated, thinking nothing to the contrary. After all, any comment of praise or compliment must certainly ring true when speaking of royalty; it was just nice of you to point out the obvious. It is this tendency to believe deceptive flattery that is the Waterloo of many a Leo. Even after they find out they've been duped, most Leos are too big about it to retaliate. They themselves are incapable of actions that are in any way mean, base or underhanded, and they'll find it hard to believe anyone could be so insincere. In activities where these lower qualities are essential for success, the lion will always tend not to succeed. He has little understanding of baseness or subterfuge. True to the qualities of his ruling body, the sun, Leo goes into battle with his flags waving and his bands playing, expecting the same openness of his adversary.

No sign has a greater flair for romance than Leo. Lions like to do things in a big way, and this is no less true in affairs of the heart. They love to be extravagant, and they have a special knack for knowing what stirs the opposite sex. Female cats will dress expensively with all the fire of their Sun sign, and they'll know just how to catch their man, right down to the choice of jewelry, make-up and perfume. The male lion loves to lavish the object of his affection with expensive presents, knowing full well the meaning of the song, Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. He'll woo her in royal fashion, taking her to the finest places in town. Lions of both genders will expect to make their entrances with a flourish, getting the best table or seat in the house. They are men and women of the world, and they truly know how to partake of its pleasures.


The sixth sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the Virgin Maiden holding a staff of wheat. Contrary to the romantic image this might conjure in your mind, she's not holding the wheat as a peace offering, nor as a gesture of commitment to some altruistic cause. Virgos are not given to such impracticality. Their feet planted firmly on the ground, they are more concerned with the pragmatic aspects of living than with idealistic flights of fancy. In the hand of the virgin, the staff of grain is more apt to represent her childlike innocence, her purity of thought and purpose, and the simplicity of her lifestyle. The order of the universe, even to its tiniest wonder, is also represented in the stalk of grain, signifying the Virgoan inclination to perfection and attention to detail. By their symbol, you can infer the special identification these natives have with the fields of life-giving grain. Just as gentle breezes over golden grasses cause clusters of grain to sway to and fro, Virgo natives sway with the breezes of expediency around them. The wheat stalks are firmly rooted in the ground, however, signifying Virgos' ties to practical reality. Just as the wheat is resigned to its ultimate purpose as life-giving sustenance, Virgos dedicate themselves in service to others as part of their spiritual transformation.

You'd probably not call Virgos self-sacrificing, but there is a subconscious element of servitude in their personalities which never fails to come through. You'll have no trouble recognizing it in examples so obvious as maids, butlers, servants, or domestic help of all types, as these occupations will have their share of September-born, but check out the birthdays of the boss's secretary, the plumber, the gardener, or the man who retiled your kitchen floor, and you'll be surprised at how many of them are Virgos. These natives will usually have some sort of practical or technical ability, and they're not opposed to working up a little hard-earned sweat now and then. With the more intellectual of this sign, you'll find secretaries, clerks, accountants, art and literary critics, efficiency experts, scientists, doctors, researchers, statisticians, etc., all performing the many tasks or providing the services so necessary in our daily lives. In many respects, those under Virgo influence are the worker bees of society, relegated to the many areas of specialization upon which rest all business and commerce.

Physically, Virgos may exemplify many of the qualities associated with the symbol of their sign, the virgin maiden. Their features are small, regular and refined, sometimes tending to a feminine delicacy. The face is fastidious and intelligent with a pleasant accommodating air, especially around the eyes. The expression is frank and simple although there may sometimes be a look of nervous apprehension typified in a furrowing of the brow, as if the native were preoccupied in thought, or in mental review of a particular problem or analysis. The forehead is usually high, the nose thin with sometimes a tendency to flaring in the nostrils. The hair, whether light or dark, often has a mixture of shade, giving the effects of highlights or muddiness of tone, and characteristically may stand up and away from the forehead. In all respects, the Virgo countenance is one of fine distinction, combining the qualities of intellectualism, refinement and an earthy simplicity. The frames of September-born will range from small to medium, and there is a very regular proportioning to the limbs and general body structure. There may be a peculiarity to the walk, either a limp, a bounce, or a shuffling of the feet. The whole general tendency of the native, in any case, is toward reserve, refinement, and economy of movement.

It is a twist of irony that although a majority of Virgos happen to end up in occupations of service, they are often accused of selfishness. This is really quite unfair, for their seeming self-centeredness is appearance only, attributed to them for their somewhat reserved exterior. They'll be Johnny-on-the-spot when you need help doing your taxes, filling out a job or a loan application, getting your financial affairs in order, or solving a technical or work-related problem. They'll work tirelessly expecting neither compensation or praise, deriving satisfaction from the work itself and from the knowledge that they've been able to help out. Virgos, however, are not particularly giving of the heart. Owing to their rulership by Mercury, these natives can be intellectual, quite capable in aspects of mind, but sometimes lacking in matters of emotion. To some of the more flamboyant signs, this can be interpreted as coldness, but to those who can see beneath the Virgoan image of self-reserve, there is to be found a purity and genuineness of intention that is anything but unfeeling.

The Virgo native is sometimes his own undoing as far as other people's opinions of him are concerned, for as much as his intellectuality makes him capable of analysis, it also makes him apt to criticize. He'll find it hard to admire your newly-painted automobile and at the same time not point out a slight overlapping of paint or some other minute defect in workmanship. His intentions are the best; he genuinely wants to be helpful, but his timing or approach is not always appropriate to the situation, and he may naturally engender resentment from others. September-born might do better giving the result of all their analysis without further comment, but they find it hard to accept imperfection in the world and are constantly trying to right incongruities wherever they find them. Nothing escapes their perfectionist's eye. September-born will notice the tiniest water spots on your crystal glasses or that ugly coffee stain on your living room sofa, and then think nothing of casually mentioning it during the course of a conversation. When they're finished scrutinizing your belongings, they'll scrutinize you! Be sure your make-up is applied just right, or that you use your best dandruff shampoo if you wish to avoid your Virgo friend's condescending glances. In rooting out imperfection, these natives leave no stone unturned.

These perfectionists of the zodiac aren't above self criticism either. They'll always be meticulously dressed and groomed, and will exercise at least a modicum of restraint in almost every aspect of their behavior. If they happen to fall prey to a social or hygienic faux pas, they are all too painfully aware of it and will correct the oversight immediately. They won't need you pointing it out to them as they themselves might point out your faults. They are just as critical of themselves as they are of others, and perhaps even less forgiving. They are rarely liable to breeches of social etiquette; in many respects Virgos are the epitome of social grace and propriety. They have their mode of behavior almost down to a script, knowing just what to say at a particular moment or for any given set of circumstances. Their words are not usually spontaneous, but the result of careful thought and hours of mental practice in the correct ways of handling any given situation. Their mental preparedness may actually be a cover-up for shyness and their own inner fear of criticism, which is why so many of these natives can lack spontaneity. In fact, it may be said that the Virgo native has so adept a critical faculty only because he is critical of himself first. His criticism of things and people around him is testimony to his own deep-seated fears.

For all his mental prowess, the Virgo is still a child at heart. His vision of the world retains the crystal clarity of youth before it has become clouded by emotional storms. The Virgo native somehow seems to stay above the emotional complications of life's experiences by intellectually analyzing all that he sees around him, placing everything in neat little categories. Seeing things as they really are, he thus foregoes the need to view his experience through rose-colored glasses. This is quite admirable, but in practice it can sometimes lead to awkwardness in social situations. After hearing that you'd recently broken off a long-term relationship, your Virgo friend will think nothing of telling you there's more than one fish in the sea. A friend of mine who had lost a pet parakeet of eight years recently had a Virgo friend comment to her, "Why be so upset? You can always go out and buy a new one. " Their analyses may be correct enough; they'll look at the facts as they see them, but Virgos' terse appraisals can sometimes lack regard for your feelings.

Just as they are fastidious in their personal appearance, Virgos will be painfully meticulous in the appearance and management of their households. The Virgoan home will be the model of cleanliness and efficiency right down to the set of matching towels hanging perfectly neat and clean in the bathroom and the pen and notebook holder sitting handily by the telephone. You won't find dirt in the corners, under the carpets or even behind the refrigerator, nor will you find 'dust bunnies' on top of the china cabinet or under the beds. When Virgos clean, they'll start with the closets first and work their way to the center of a room instead of the other way around. They have a positive aversion to dirt, and if they're not taking their usual two or three showers a day, they'll be cleaning out the kitchen cupboards or tidying up the attic. Every once in a while you'll find one or two September-born who will have a streak of sloppiness, but check out their dresser drawers or silverware trove, and you'll find the socks and undergarments in perfectly ordered arrangement and the tableware polished in neat little stacks. Not only will their homes look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens, they'll be run with almost military efficiency. A list of 'things to buy' will grace every Virgo's kitchen wall, and meals will be served at regular times each day. When a Virgo invites you over for dinner at seven, he means seven and not five minutes after, or he'll start without you. Show up too late, and you might be just in time for dessert and coffee. Time is important to these individuals, and all their activities, not the least of which is their cleaning assignments, will conform to a very definite time schedule.

Virgos rarely suffer from ill-health and deservedly so, for they are extremely health conscious. They put so much time and effort into the pursuit of health, in fact, it is not surprising that many of them live to a ripe old age. Health food stores, health spas, and the health section of your local library or book store are favorite haunts of September-born, not to mention the chiropractor's or doctor's office for their regular health maintenance. They'll be able to relate in scientific detail all the latest theories regarding health, nutrition and diet, and they'll probably have tried them all out, too. They'll be perfectly willing to try out any new health product or nutritional theory, provided it is based on sound scientific evidence, of course. The Virgo native is too pragmatic to follow vague or questionable techniques unless they proceed from verifiable scientific premises. Their concern for health, however, can sometimes go overboard. A goodly share of hypochondriacs are born under this sign, and they'll have undying faith in modern medicine as the answer to their many ills, real or imagined. A look into any Virgo's medicine cabinet will verify this avidity. You'll find palliatives for almost any ailment from acid indigestion to headaches to ulcers. Commercials advertising different cold formulas for different kinds of coughs are definitely geared to these natives; the typical Virgo is likely to have a bottle of each, just in case.


The seventh sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Venus and symbolized by the Scales of Balance. In Roman mythology, Venus was recognized as the goddess of love and beauty. Similarly, the natives of Libra are the very personification of refinement and affection, endearing you with their genteel manner and melting your heart with their ingratiating smiles. With all the sugary sweetness of a box of chocolate Bordeaux cremes or the enchanting fragrance of a fresh-picked bouquet of daisies, the Libran personality blossoms forth, leaving proclamations of love, tokens of affection, and a host of smiles in its wake. Such may be your first impression of the indomitable Libran charm, but don't let all that sugar and spice fool you. October-born can be as quarrelsome, as irritable, as intractable as any sign in the zodiac, and then some. Sound a little confusing? It is at first, but not after you understand the subtly paradoxical nature of this Sun sign. Libra, you see, is the sign of balance, and just as a set of pharmaceutical scales will teeter back and forth before achieving a new balance, October-born will vaccinate to and fro between extremes— mental, emotional or physical— until they achieve the harmony they seek. Just tilt their scales out of balance by playing your radio too loudly or by puffing your cigarette too profusely in their direction, and these natives can turn from peace-loving doves into cantankerous crocodiles. When everything is in harmony, however, there is nothing quite like the Libran's congenial charm.

Just watch your Libran friend closely next time, and you will invariably catch his subtle balancing act. You can almost see his mental see-saw in action as he carefully surveys a situation or problem. His eyes will move back and forth, much like the inertial swing of his zodiacal symbol, as he considers the pros, the cons, the maybe's and the possibilities, all with intelligence, exacting logic, and painstaking perseverance. Don't expect him to give you the fruit of his mental efforts right away. The Libran will have to mull it over in his mind a while, making sure he has considered all the facts and that no stone has been left unturned which could affect his final analysis. When he does make a decision, however, you can probably bank on it for its correctness and integrity as a judgement based on a fair evaluation of the facts. As polar opposite of the subjective Aries, the Libran is quite capable of objective judgement, irrespective of his own tastes, mores, philosophy, or preferences. Perhaps this is why there are more judges born under Libra than under any zodiacal sign and why the Scales have come to represent our system of justice.

The Libran's sense of balance and equilibrium is no less noticeable in his physical appearance. The typical Libran physique will be very evenly proportioned, rendering a balanced bodily appearance. Even when these natives put on weight, their weight gain will occur more or less evenly over the entire body rather than in one specific area. In fact, because there are usually no exaggerated or pronounced physical characteristics, it may be hard to recognize the Libran frame at first, but the very aspect of regular bodily proportioning can be your first clue. The bodies of both sexes will be of medium height and average build, with a decided tendency to curviness, and there will be a certain litheness of movement which can only be called graceful. There may be a tendency to robustness in the females or effeminacy in the males, further exemplifying the Libran penchant for balance, even between the sexes! This is not to diminish in any way the sexuality of October-born; quite the opposite is true, but you won't find many Libran males whom you would call surly, or many of the females whom you'd say were petite. Suffice it to say there is a certain refinement in the frame and features of both sexes which can be said to express some of the qualities of the opposite sex. Despite planetary misgivings, Libran beauty is in a class by itself, and the reputation these natives have as lovers may in part be due to their ability to see in the other person some aspects of themselves while at the same time reflecting some of their partner's qualities.

If there is any one physical characteristic which is typically Libran, it is the Venusian dimple. October-born will usually have a couple in the cheeks or one in the chin. If not in the face, try looking in the knees; even the elbows can be a good hiding place for this Libran trademark. Some Librans' dimples won't show until they smile, and then these Venusian beauty marks come shining through, one on each end of the Libran's grin. And while we're on the subject of smiling, that is another telltale sign of the sons or daughters of Venus. The Libran smile can melt even the coldest of hearts, or brighten the most melancholy of moods. It beams; it projects, and transforms the Libran's face into a beacon of sunshine, making those around him feel good all over. From its warmth and sincerity to the way it crinkles up the corners of the eyes, it proliferates the irresistible Libran messages of peace, love and beauty wherever it shines.

Whoever came up with the phrase, "Better weigh your words carefully," must surely have been talking about a Libran, for October-born are forever doing just that. For one thing, the mental scales they constantly carry with them certainly make them equipped for the job, and you'll rarely see a native who isn't using them to the fullest. When in an argument, for example, the Libran will not only weigh his own words, but he'll weigh his opponent's too. He'll know just how much force to apply in his favor so as not to cause his opponent to balk and throw the whole matter out the window. In business, diplomatic relations, or in negotiating of any kind, this can be a most valuable asset, for the Libran is able to accomplish what he desires without destroying a relationship which could be valuable to him in the future. It is little wonder then, that so many public relations people, diplomats, politicians and statesman are born under this sign.

The Libran flair for tact and diplomacy is unparalleled in the zodiac, but the ease with which they pursue their argumentative techniques can sometimes make you wonder where they really stand. If you argue the need for relief to the starving throngs in Africa, your Libran friend might purposely take the opposing view, stating that giving food only perpetuates the problem, and the programs of education and agricultural reform are too long-range to provide real answers to the people's immediate needs. If, on the other hand, you were to take the position that relief should be abandoned, that same Libran friend would argue that ultimately the problem of hunger could be solved if the programs of education and reform were implemented simultaneously with immediate relief, and that work begun now could be of help to future generations. The task of sorting out the Libran's true feelings or motives can sometimes be a dizzying prospect. Too often they are accused of being wishy-washy, two-faced or without moral values, but in reality they are just trying to balance out their scales, and yours too. Nothing irritates the Libran's harmonizing intellect more than thinking which is narrow or one-dimensional. If they think your line of reasoning is too pat or simplistic, they'll purposely take the opposing view just to correct any incongruities in your thinking and to put things in a more balanced perspective. Being able to see both sides of a situation, the Libran sometimes finds it difficult to make a solid commitment one way or the other, and his stand on issues may be only temporary or serving his immediate needs. His own true feelings he may keep in abeyance, awaiting further input which could again tip his scales to the opposite view. These qualities will make him seem very much the procrastinator, and you may have a difficult time getting a unconditional opinion from him one way or the other. If a woman were to ask her Libran husband which dress she should wear to a formal function, he might reply, "Well, the red one goes well with your hair, and the blue one goes well with your eyes, but they might be too gaudy for a formal affair. The green one is subtle enough, but it might clash with my blue shirt. Come to think of it, maybe the blue one will be alright... or maybe the beige would be better." She might as well have saved her breath. True, she will have heard every possible argument for wearing each style of apparel, but by the time this son of Venus had balanced his scales over the matter, the function might be half over. Librans seem not to have so much respect for time as natives of their zodiacal predecessor, Virgo. They understand perhaps too well the meaning of being fashionably late, but unless there's a Virgo or Gemini Ascendant, their tardiness can begin to wear like last year's fashions. Sometimes their tendency to procrastinate can draw out for years what other signs could accomplish in two or three months. That room addition which has stood in different stages of incompletion for the past year or that unfinished patio are projects which may have fallen prey to a Libran's indecision, but rest assured when they are finally finished, they'll be sterling testimonials to the Venusian sense of beauty, balance and style.

'Lazy Libra' is a phrase common in astrological vernacular, but those who would ascribe laziness to October-born have never seen them in their more productive moods. Once their scales have stopped dipping to and fro, and they have committed themselves to a goal, Librans can become powerhouses, using their well-ordered intellects to accomplish in leaps and bounds tasks that might encumber other signs. Once they're motivated, they'll burn the candle at both ends, working tirelessly if necessary, to achieve their avowed goals. The trouble is that in planning any endeavor, October-born can get so lost in the endless labyrinth of strategies, factors and options which have to be weighed and evaluated by their logical minds, that they'll put off starting until it becomes old hat. A Libran in this state of procrastination can give you the best portrayal of laziness you've ever seen. He'll watch TV, yawn, stretch, and then lie down as if half-exhausted all with such convincing lassitude, it'll make you tired just watching him. He's not as idle as he looks, mind you. Though he may not be moving a muscle, his mental scales are busy weighing strategies for his next burst of activity. The Libran obsession with balancing can be as much a hindrance as it is a help to these natives, on the one hand serving as protection against impulsiveness and error, but on the other, providing an all too easy excuse to avoid getting things done. Fortunately, Librans ultimately appeal to their sense of logic, realizing that thoughts must be balanced by action, and these natives will apply themselves to their tasks, accomplishing much in spite of themselves.

When it comes to the subject of love, Librans are on home turf indeed. Loving has been second nature to these individuals ever since they could say "goo" or manage a smile. Venus herself smiles beneficently upon October-born imparting her qualities of loveliness and charm, and these individuals seem to have an instinctive knack for winning your heart. They'll know just how to woo you as the object of their affection, lavishing you with thoughtful presents, reciting exquisite lines of verse (which they've probably written themselves), or whispering sweet nothings to you in the wee hours of the morning. A few select words from the natives of Venus can be more devastating on the battleground of love than real gunpowder, and many a lover has fallen captive to their seductive charms. The recipient of Libran affection, however, can do well to be wary. For all their adeptness at love, Librans can sometimes proffer more fluff than powder, more perfume than substance, and their romancing can amount to many superficial trappings of love rather than real love itself. October-born are well aware of their adeptness as lovers, and they may find the prospect of testing their prowess on the opposite sex now and then irresistible. Although Librans seem to possess the natural equipment for loving, they have by no means cornered the market on love, which belongs to all signs.


The eighth sign of the zodiac, is ruled by Pluto and symbolized by the Scorpion. Do you know someone who is deep, secretive and reclusive yet open and honest, strangely aloof but at the same time intensely loyal, brooding and mysterious yet straightforward and unusually direct, vengeful yet forgiving, who, in short, seems to be a bundle of opposites all bound up in a deeply perplexing and intriguing personality? That person is probably a Scorpio, but before you start writing off all the Scorpio people you know as contradictory, inconsistent or some kind of absurd radicals, there are certain things you should know about their Plutonian personalities. All their seemingly conflicting qualities are but opposite sides of the same coin, and that coin glows beguilingly under Pluto's icy-hot intensity. Scorpio is a sign of extremes, and just as dry ice can feel hot to the touch because of its extreme coldness, Scorpios can portray an endless array of seeming opposites which, from a deeper perspective, aren't really opposite at all. The nature of their ruling planet, Pluto, is to seek out the underlying causes and unifying factors behind appearances. Natives of Scorpio know instinctively that appearances can be deceiving, and they are forever trying to look beneath the surface to discover the essential nature of things.

Theirs is a sign of extremes, and true to their zodiacal heritage, Scorpios may exemplify one of two extremes typified in their Sun sign: the soaring eagle or the avenging serpent. As the soaring eagle, Scorpios can aspire to the heights of human achievement, some even reaching greatness. Music or literature of enduring quality, outstanding achievements in the cultural or performing arts, masterpieces of architectural design, or significant contributions in any of the arts or sciences are testimonials to those individuals who utilized the Plutonian influence in its most exalted form. Some soaring eagles can envision a project of such grand proportions that it may not be realized in their lifetime. The Scorpio native of this type wishes to attain the ideals of truth and excellence as represented in some physical form no matter what the cost or sacrifice, and Pluto gives him the power of will to achieve it.

As avenging serpents, Scorpios exemplify the darker side of their Sun sign. Activities from the more unseemly side of life such as prostitution, pornography, gambling, drugs, loan sharking, and all illicit and underworld activities come under the domain of Pluto-influenced individuals who have given in to their lower natures. Scorpio natives of this type seem always to be flirting with death, as if living on the edge somehow satisfied their need for extremes and intensity of experience. No other sign in the zodiac is capable of greater extremes, having within it the potential for the highest pinnacles of human achievement, or the lowest depths of debauchery. The stereotype of a gangster who has studied classical violin is one example of a fallen eagle whose darker side got the best of him. Most Scorpios will fall somewhere in between these two extremes as the reclusive scorpion, but the potential for either is always there. With these natives it is basically a matter of choice. With their extreme powers of will and concentration, Scorpios can do anything they set their minds to.

Pluto's intensity is evidenced quite clearly in the physical appearance of Scorpios. The frame of the body can range from thickset to thin and wiry, and it will usually be somewhat compacted, firm and swarthy. Most of them will have powerful physiques, as if their musculature were made of sprung steel. Even the more wiry Scorpios, and there are quite a few, will have a sinewy appearance, suggesting an inner tension or defensiveness. Their air of self control, even superiority, as reflected in their calm, cool composure, belies an inner intensity, as that of a volcano about to erupt. The most noticeable facial feature is the Scorpio's piercing eyes. They'll become transfixed, devoid of emotion or weakness, seeming to penetrate to your very soul, bearing its innermost depths. Because of this, many people find it a little more than uncomfortable under a Scorpio's hypnotic gaze, and for good reason. Those reptilian eyes can be doing a pretty good job of appraising your personality and discovering your best-kept secrets without your uttering a word. As for the rest of the facial characteristics, the forehead and eyebrows are usually heavy, and there may be a hint of the sardonic in the expression. The hair is usually dark and coarse, tending to waviness or curls. The mouth is firm, sometimes suggesting a grimace, and the chin determined. The features in general reflect the qualities of the sign, combining inner strength, willful determination, and an inscrutability of expression.

Scorpios are more mystical then they would have you believe. These natives seem to have a distinct ability for perceiving the truth beyond what their physical senses tell them. you wouldn't necessarily call them psychic, although many of them are extremely gifted in this respect, but they'll see through your deception or pretenses every time. Your little white lies won't hold water in a Scorpio's company. Rather than call you on your foibles, he'll probably walk away, leaving your falsehood to the bafflement of less perceptive signs. A Scorpio can do that quite easily. He'll simply write you out of his circle of close associates, or out of his life permanently if you've irritated him enough, and never look back. November-born have a passion for the truth, and they won't stand to have it maligned by ulterior motives or ego, at least not in their presence. If you're lucky enough have a Scorpio as a friend, you can consider yourself in a special class of people. Though he may not have many friends, the ones he does have are true and loyal, like himself. He'll risk much for those he considers worthy of friendship, but cares little or nothing for those he considers lower than himself. Some call it selfishness, but in reality it's selectivity.

Either you'll love Pluto people or you'll hate them, and these natives wouldn't have it any other way. They can't abide those who only want to commit themselves halfheartedly, or who ride the fence as opportunists, hypocritically embracing affiliations which give them the greatest personal advantage. These will be effectively removed from the Scorpio's social sphere, and the Pluto native himself may add a few well-chosen derisive remarks in the process to permanently sever the tie. If you've ever been on the receiving end of a Scorpio's scorn, you know how effectively and in so few words he can cut you to the quick. A Scorpio who's been wronged can be a worse-than-vicious adversary. Trample on his petunias, and he'll throw weed killer on your whole crop of tulips and maybe even your chrysanthemums as well. Embarrass him at a party, and he'll take out an ad in the local newspaper intimating your darkest secrets. In vengeance, he'll not be content in merely settling the score, but in devastating you so completely that there will be no possibility of future reprisals.

The Scorpio passion is legendary, and you won't find many Pluto people who don't bear out this aspect of their personality in more ways than one. They'll pursue everything with an all-consuming passion-- their religion, politics, philosophy, work, good food, hobbies, recreation, not to mention love and romance. The very mention of this Sun sign can conjure up in people's minds visions of steamy boudoirs, clandestine rendezvous, and sex-filled weekends in the mountains, and they might not be far from the truth. Scorpios have been known to outdo other signs in the love department, at least in its physical aspects; it is their love of extremes which drives them to the very depths of human passion. An account of the typical male Scorpio's escapades can read like something out of a James Bond movie. The females will show no less prowess, instinctively knowing the subtle secrets of male seduction embodied in their sex. Both sexes will have their share of experiences, but once they've committed themselves to a partner and finally settle down, they can be quite faithful. They're loyal, remember, and this aspect of their personality doesn't stop short of marriage.

The average Scorpio isn't long on conversation. If you happen to catch him on the telephone, it's not likely he'll be doing most of the talking. His fragmented phone rhetoric might go something like "yea...yea...nope... okay...bye," and you'll have no idea what the conversation was about. He's not likely to tell you either. It isn't that natives of this sign are particularly unsociable (though you will find one or two who tend to stay by themselves); it's just that they don't see the need to indulge in idle conversation, even for social reasons. Unless a Scorpio feels that what he's saying is truly important, his end of the conversation may amount to little more than monosyllables politely interjected among your many comments. This trait of Scorpios can get pretty frustrating, especially to the more talkative signs, and pulling teeth can seem like an easy task compared to getting these natives to talk. Before you think about actually using that tooth extractor, however, try changing the drift of the conversation to religion, philosophy, sex, reincarnation or the ancient mysteries of life, and you may be surprised at the transformation that takes place. The Scorpio will go on talking for hours if he thinks you're interested, and you'll discover what deep minds November-born can possess, capable of probing the unfathomable depths of consciousness and discovering the great truths therein.

If a Scorpio comes down with the flu, chances are he won't stay sick too long. November-born have almost mystical powers of healing, and they'll seem to get over illnesses in a much shorter time than other signs. Their recuperative powers, however, are not without price, and violent fevers, boils or blisters, involuntary tremors, or profuse sweating may precipitate the cure. If they stay sick longer than a short time, it is usually serious, and probably of some degenerative illness brought on by excesses or bitterness. Even then, if the Pluto native can learn the lessons of forgiveness, repentance, and Divine Love, he can almost literally bring himself back from the dead. Scorpio is often symbolized by the phoenix rising triumphantly from its own ashes, to begin a new life cycle. The recuperative powers of these natives can be that strong. Scorpios may also extend their healing ability to others, and many of them are active in one of the healing arts. Medical men, especially surgeons, holistic healers, spiritual healers, acupuncturists and psychic healers all have the ability of tapping into the regenerative power of Pluto to work their healing miracles. Ultimately, Scorpios realize that all healing comes from a divine source, which is why this Sun sign is often associated with the priest or priestess. Through their directive power of will, November-born can be effective channels of healing, not only of body but of mind and spirit also.


The ninth sign of the zodiac and last of the fire signs, is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This sign is symbolized by the Centaur with his bow and arrow poised to the heavens, and Sagittarians characteristically, are the very picture of that symbolism. Like brave stallions, they'll charge gallantly toward new vistas and bold challenges, forever seeking what is beyond the omnipresent horizon. Armed with the arrows of non-conformism, forthright honesty and a high-spirited optimism, these individuals never fail to hit their mark. Their targets are the ideals of truth, freedom, and righteousness, and the sights on their bows are forever aimed high. Much like the symbol of their sign, half man and half horse, the Sagittarian combines physical adroitness with intellectual refinement, and as much as these two aspects of personality seem to contradict one another, he manages to bring them to a compelling blend of unity. He is the fighter for social causes, the knight errant, who is willing to work tirelessly for that which he believes in, employing his fiery enthusiasm and abundant physical energy to the task. He is the newspaper editor, the politician, the publisher, preacher, or social activist wrestling with the social, political or moral issues of the day, and he tries to unify the incongruities of the human experience under the Jupiterian principles of truth and righteousness.

Of course, not all the Sagittarians you meet will remind you of Don Quixote, Frederick Nietzche, or even the editor of your local newspaper, but every Jupiter native will seem to have a definite philosophy of life. Whether home-grown truisms, moral ethics or deep philosophical concepts, the Sagittarian has a set of values by which he sincerely tries to live, and which by the way, he'll gladly share. Discover it for yourself next time you're at a party or social gathering where your Sagittarian friend is bound to make an appearance. Ask him what he thinks about abortion, racial prejudice or the upcoming elections, and you may find you've opened the Sagittarian Pandora's box. In fact, you'd better get a second helping of hors d'oeuvre and a full glass of punch before you ask, because your Sagittarian friend might keep you occupied for a time, and you'll look pretty silly holding one of those decorator toothpicks and an empty punch glass all the while. Not that you'd mind really, the Sagittarian's point of view can be pretty fascinating, filled with whimsical interjections and an occasional joke or two. His easy-going manner and down-home style never fail to draw a crowd, and his occasional smatterings of philosophical wisdom inextricably bound up in witty repartee will hold your interest until long after the hors d'oeuvre are gone.

All this talk about philosophy may give you an impression of Sagittarians as some sort of intellectual high-brows, methodically codifying people's behavior into rules or ethics by which they are supposed to live, but nothing could be further from the truth. There's no getting around their tendency to philosophize, but Jupiter natives will rarely try to force their values on you. "Live and let live," is one of their typical mottos, and they'll respect your philosophy so long as you respect theirs. Every once in a while, you'll meet a Jupiter native with conflicting aspects to his sun or natal Jupiter, who will try to impose his philosophy on you, but this is not generally the case. The typical native is as easy-going and down-to-earth as anyone you'd ever want to meet. Because of his appealing frankness and cheerful good humor, he'll probably win you over to his philosophy anyway without your realizing it. Just think of the home-grown humor and folksy style evidenced in the works of Sagittarian Mark Twain, or the ingratiating rapport Jupiterian Sammy Davis had with his audiences, and you'll easily understand these natives' ability to relate to every man.

It's fairly easy to recognize December-born once you know what to look for. The shape of the head will be somewhat longer in proportion to its width, and the forehead will be rather high and wide. The hairline is often receded and well back from the temples. The nose will be of average length or longer, pointing straight down from the brow, with a bridge that is fairly high. The lips will be mobile and expressive and may tend to fullness, and the chin will often be pointed, accenting a certain nobility of appearance. In many female Sag's, you'll easily be reminded of the sweet expression of a deer or fox. In the males, the facial characteristics will be marked by a certain look of pensiveness. In both sexes, there is an air of openness and frankness in the features, suggesting a mind that is alert and open to new ideas. The eyes will seem to shine and twinkle so merrily, you'll be reminded of 'good ole St. Nick' or the fairy godmother. The general expression suggests the cheerfulness and naivete of youth somehow inexpressibly combined with the wisdom of old age. As for the rest of the body, Sag's will tend to be taller than average with a well-knit or athletic-looking frame. The limbs will seem admirably suited for active pursuits of all kinds, and there will be a certain gracefulness characterized by long, sweeping and grandiose, though sometimes careless, movements.

Sagittarians will tend to be active, and their restless natures seem to keep them always on the go. You won't often find them sitting around a bridge table for hours or lazily lolling on a hammock in the backyard. The Sagittarian is more apt to be organizing activities for the church social, practicing for an up-coming tournament with the local bowling league, or writing an emotionally-heated letter to the editor of the local newspaper. Like their symbolic arrow, Sagittarians must always be moving forward and upward, setting their sights to a new challenge almost before an old one has been met. The Jupiterian athlete will no sooner do the 1000-meter run in two and a half minutes than have his sights set on two minutes twenty-five seconds as a new goal. The Sagittarian novelist may be working on several stories at once because a more intriguing idea for a novel captured his fancy before the old one had been completed. Because these natives have a need for constant challenge, they will often have many irons in the fire at once.

Sagittarians have a definite flair, especially in youth, for athletics and outdoor recreation of all types. "The great outdoors" is a phrase probably inspired by a December-born, for it expresses the very Sagittarian spirit of freedom one experiences out of doors and among Nature's creatures. Horseback-riding, camping, hiking, canoeing, rafting, mountain-climbing, hunting, and skiing are some activities which attract Sagittarians by the droves and which give vent to their unbridled sense of freedom. Most of them are Nature lovers, preferring life in the rural and mountain areas to the hustle and bustle of city life. If you don't find them already situated permanently in their own place secluded from the crowds, they'll probably be weekend outdoorsmen, venturing to the 'wide open spaces' every chance they get.

In athletics, Sagittarians will be most attracted to baseball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, track and field, bowling, golf, polo, volleyball, tennis and other sports where a high degree of refinement, grace, or skill are required. Sports such as football, wrestling, boxing, sky diving or auto racing, where a certain amount of physical danger is involved, do not usually appeal to them, with the occasional exception of boxing, where fancy footwork is an asset. As the last of the fire signs, Sagittarius represents physical activity in its highest form. In Aries, physical movement is characterized as sheer force; in Leo, as creative self-expression. In Sagittarius, the qualities of both these signs are combined in a physical expression which is more refined, where stamina, coordination, and a strong sense of the game are brought into play.

It is a curious twist of irony that Sagittarians, who are often accused of clumsiness, are also attributed with having the greatest grace and physical coordination. They can be quite graceful when engaged in purposeful activity such as sports, gymnastics, or dance. You'll see them, like spirited colts, gracing the athletic field or dance floor with splendid examples of physical form, many excelling in their respective fields. In everyday activities, however, the Sagittarian can be surprisingly less dignified. Though the Jupiterian athlete may break the record for high jump, springing like a gazelle to new heights, he'll stumble over his shoelaces walking onto the field. The Sagittarian ballerina may execute pirouettes with perfect form on stage, but stub her toe on the kitchen table at home. Where these characteristics may seem contradictory, they somehow find a happy coexistence in the Sagittarian personality. It is as if these natives will perform at their best only when spurred on by their goals and the Jupiterian ideal of excellence.

In dance, Sagittarians may well find the perfect outlet for their senses of rhythm, timing and balance and love of physical activity. Well developed thighs have often been regarded the trademark of a dancer, and appropriately enough, this part of the body is ruled by Jupiter. You'll rarely find Jupiterians who aren't light on their feet, and whether they prefer ballet, modern, tap, jazz or square dancing, they're likely to become the center of attention on any dance floor. If a stranger asks you for a dance at a local discotheque, you might do well to ask his or her Sun sign before accepting. If it's Sagittarius, you may be made to feel as if you have two left feet. Don't let that unassuming manner or awkward appearance fool you. On the dance floor Sagittarians become transformed, artfully turning their steps to a rumba or tango, or pulsing to the sound of rock with equal finesse.

Sagittarians, as a rule, are non-conformists. They hate being bound to rigid social confines, or pigeonholed into strict routines that don't give them plenty of breathing room. Most of them will tend toward outdoor occupations or professions where a wide latitude of freedom is given them. They'll eschew the suit and tie or standard business attire and prefer a comfortable shirt or blouse and a pair of jeans instead. Their love of freedom is too great to compromise for the sake of social custom or even for financial need. They'll hearken to the beat of a different drummer, their own rhythm, as true and unerring as the power of Jupiter itself. Even more than physical restrictions, they'll loathe mental confinement. Try to impose a dogmatic philosophy on them, and most Sagittarians will balk. If the policies of the company they work for are too restrictive, they'll have to break free. Their non-conformism in part stems from a desire to remain idealistic in a world where others may not share their Jupiterian dreams.

Second only to his love of freedom is the Sagittarian's fondness for travel. The archer loves nothing more than to pack up his old set of luggage, probably well-worn from dozens of trips, and set out either across country or to distant lands. He's genuinely intrigued by foreign cultures, and his fascination for the exotic may well lead him to occupations dealing in travel, language, foreign culture, import-export, currency exchange, archeology, zoology and others. Many archers will succeed through correspondence, sales, or trips to other countries before they find fortune in their own country. Where finances don't permit it physically, Sagittarians may travel in their minds, becoming engrossed in movies, documentaries or books about other countries, or in studying a foreign language. More than likely they'll have a subscription to National Geographic or a travel magazine. They may dream about someday seeing some of the world's great landmarks— the Taj Mahal of India, the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Basilica in Rome, Stonehenge or the Great Wall of China to name a few. Finances and time permitting, and with a bit of Jupiterian luck which is their birthright, they probably will.


The tenth sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Saturn and symbolized by the Goat. Upon cursory observation, the Capricorns you know may not have much in common with their zodiacal mascot, but on closer inspection, you can easily find some striking similarities. The goat's natural habitat is mountainous, and Capricorns similarly are attracted to the high places both socially and economically. The terrain the goat seeks is rocky, unarable, and sometimes sparsely vegetated, yet they seem to manage quite well under such austere circumstances, even to prosper and flourish. Human goats, too, can thrive under adverse conditions, exemplifying a high degree of shrewdness, especially in business, where they seem to make the most of what they have to work with. The goat's environment is full of high precipices, loose rocks, and dangerous inclines, yet its ascent is steady, sure and unerring. It does not climb swiftly, ambling carelessly over rocks or haphazardly choosing this path or that. The goat ascends slowly and carefully, first testing the ground before it with a slight pressure before putting its full weight on, and using its specially designed hoofs to take advantage of every slight protuberance or crevice in the mountain's steep facing. The paths it travels are tried and true, probably used by generations of its own species, and it will not deviate from them to the many pitfalls often taken by careless others. Owing to its sure-footedness, caution, perseverance and patience, the goat finally reaches the mountaintop, safely beyond the reach of predators.

Now you wouldn't suspect that Capricorn friend of yours to be a social climber, or even of being particularly ambitious, yet sooner or later you'll hear about his being promoted to district manager or executive vice-president. Don't let his quiet, unassuming manner fool you. The goat will always have his eye on the mountaintop and secretly dream of one day being there. He'll plod tirelessly in the same routine for years, waiting patiently in the background, never shunning the opportunities for advancement which inevitably come his way. Just as mountains erode with time and landslides can change the general terrain, obstacles to the goat's success will eventually yield to his perseverance, allowing him to rise easily to new plateaus of success. He'll be the employee who is never late in fifty years, taking his work very seriously. He'll gradually assume more and more responsibility, becoming indispensable to his company, and is inevitably promoted to higher positions. His hoofs are steeled with the qualities of assiduousness, industry and patience, and they are forever ready to cling onto any advantages encountered during his mountainous climb.

Learning to recognize Capricorn may be somewhat of a trick, not that there aren't some obvious physical traits, but the appearance of these natives is often greatly mitigated by other planetary influences. Nonetheless, Saturn natives in general will have medium to large frames, their bodies appearing big-boned, lank and angular. The limbs will tend to be long, and the hands, feet or knees may be accentuated in some way, seeming not to go with the rest of the body. The head will appear to be longer than it is wide, although a certain accentuation of the jaw can give a squarish appearance. The flesh on the face will often be noticeably thin, giving the impression of the bones being just beneath the surface, although this is not always the case. The forehead is high, often with frown lines, and the eyes will usually be small and piercing. There is a serious cast to the mouth expressing the ambitious, persevering character underneath. The nose will often be straight and long and the chin determined. The whole general expression is formal and grim, suggesting the Saturnian qualities of austerity, shrewdness and intense reserve. As untenable as any of these characteristics may be, there is one Capricornian trait which is almost always present. Saturn natives will always give you the impression of having their feet planted firmly on the ground. There is a look of resolve in their stance and bearing, and even when these natives move there is always an appearance of cautious deliberation.

All this talk about Capricornian austerity can easily lead you to believe these natives as some kind of ruthless social climbers or miserly old Scrooges, but nothing could be further from the truth. One of the most delightful Capricornian traits is their sense of humor. Though they may be persons of few words, their dry, somewhat dour comments can be extremely funny. Consider the stage antics of Capricornian Steve Allen or the dry wit of Saturnian Carey Grant, and you won't easily dismiss January-born as gloomy. Steve Allen knows how to woo his audience with the casual one-liner, saying only a few essential words and leaving the rest to your imagination. In his movies, Carey Grant exhibited a special knack for making even the most ordinary of lines seem funny by his somewhat understated delivery. As clowns, these natives won't be the extroverts, wildly kicking up their heels or flamboyantly indulging in slapstick. They'll be the comedic straight man, delivering their gems of humor with pan-faced expressions and droll mannerisms, which only tend to make their comments all the more humorous. Their unruffled temperament, mastery of subtlety and sense of comedic timing can easily be regarded the hallmarks of low-key comedy.

At a party, you'll easily spot the Capricorn for his characteristic wry humor. The cut-up Cancers, the flagrant Leos, the verbose Geminis and good-natured Sagittarians will all be vying for their share of the laughs, when suddenly the most reserved, conservative-looking one in the group will step out of the background and sum up the whole humorous bend of the conversation in a few terse remarks which you'll find irresistibly funny. Watch out, you've just been floored by the Saturnian sense of humor, and the purveyor himself will join in on the laughs with his characteristic downturned smile, seeming to grin and frown at the same time. Perhaps the reason so many Capricorns have such a genuine sense of humor is that they understand seriousness so well. They instinctively accept the need for hard work, responsibility and structure, and their adeptness at humor creates the necessary balance of comic relief.

You won't find many Saturn natives lounging at the beach, grooving at a disco, partying wildly or indulging in other forms of idle amusement. The Capricorn native is too serious-minded to really understand such capriciousness. Not that he couldn't enjoy a little bit of carefree fun every now and then, he'd just feel more comfortable in his normal shroud of self-reserve. Capricorns' favorite haunts are more apt to be a museum, art gallery, the opera, theatre, a concert of classical music, a lecture or business convention. If you do find him at a party, it will probably be a charity fund-raising affair, a premiere of a play or movie or the social event of the season. Capricorns are very status-minded, remember, and they'll find it hard to pass up an opportunity to show off the laurels of their hard work. Any notable social event in town can be a showcase for Capricornian indulgences, and expensive furs, exquisite jewelry, the latest fashions, prestigious cars and a smattering of high-bred manners will definitely be in order for the occasion. Even if their immediate finances don't permit an extravagant lifestyle, January-born can unconsciously adopt the mores, attitudes and mannerisms of the elite, and they'll secretly dream of finally reaching the mountaintop and belonging to that distinguished class of people. Examine your Capricorn friend closely next time you happen to catch him at a business or social gathering. Now doesn't his strong, assured manner and attitude of calm reserve make him appear as if he's already made it? Even when their bank statements don't coincide with their aspirations, Saturn natives do know how to make an impression among the well-to-do, and they'll often be invited to high-society soirees because of it. Besides, the goat will never shirk an opportunity to advance himself, and who knows what may come of his upper-echelon hobnobbing?

As unassuming as Capricorns are in character, they won't refrain from ostentation in other ways. Even though they rarely show it overtly, they secretly desire recognition, and they'll have their share of status symbols to show off the results of all their patient labors. Saturn natives can live under very austere circumstances for years, tolerating conditions that would break most others, but once they can afford it, they'll gladly turn in their beer for champagne and their baloney sandwiches for caviar. A handbag by Gucci, fashions by Dior, or cologne by Lauren can be as important to these natives as their next meal, not only for personal pleasure, but for the impression they can make on others. They'll never shout for recognition, but they may conveniently hang their coat off the back of a chair to reveal the designer label or casually flash a collection of sixteen credit cards from their purse or billfold when making a purchase.

The Capricorn's love of finer things will naturally be evidenced in the selection of a major status symbol such as a house or a car. In a car, their needs go far beyond mere transportation, and Capricornian predilection dictates the classic lines of a Mercedes, Rolls, Continental or other luxury cars over more sporty models. They won't mind spending a few extra dollars at the gas pump to make that extra impression, and these natives know how important appearances can be, especially in business. Even if the Capricorn you know drives a more modest-priced vehicle, he'll demand it be large, new, and probably have it outfitted with several "extras" to give the added feel of luxury. January-born are no less discriminating when it comes to the selection of a house. Just as they'll gravitate to the upper echelons of society, Capricorn natives will visualize their homes on top of a hill or at least in the better part of town. They'll demand a large, imposing structure with large rooms, and outer appearance will be just as important as inner comfort. The rooms will have a warm, earthy feel, usually with lots of wood and brass, and decorated tastefully with genuine antiques and expensive artifacts. Some Capricorns may have to live in an apartment or in an abode less than to their liking for a time, but just as their zodiacal mascot eyes the mountaintop with yearning, these natives will dream of a lifestyle not yet realized, but in the making. They'd sooner do without than settle for anything less than the best, and owing to their patient persistence and ever-upward glance, their very practical dreams inevitably become a reality.

The Capricorn's preoccupation with status shouldn't lead you to believe them as some kind of elitist snobs, for that would certainly be too rash an appraisal of their true natures. These natives are actually quite humble, unobtrusively fulfilling their duties with hardly ever a complaint. They'll never ask for a raise unless they feel they truly deserve it, and once they assume a higher position, they'll quietly take over the reins with modest authority. Rather than step on toes to achieve their goals, they wait and endure until the fruits of their patient efforts inevitably and irrevocably come to them. Their sights are set high just like the Sagittarian, but unlike the archer, their goals are more practical. They figure it's better to live in the better part of town than to live on the other side of the tracks, and who could argue with them? They expect nothing more than what they have earned and deserve.

Capricorn's ruling planet, Saturn, is sometimes called the karmic planet, and characteristically, these natives' lives are sometimes tinged with an element of destiny. They'll often meet just the right people at just the right time to help them on their way. A Capricorn friend of mine had once been stranded with a flat tire in a rural area of Mexico. Who should come by to help but a person whom he had helped in a similar situation years earlier in the Nevada desert. The chances of their meeting again (and in Mexico no less!) were almost non-existent, yet what the Capricorn had put out years earlier had inevitably come back to him when he really needed it. Capricorns subconsciously know that whatever they put out, good or bad, will eventually come back to them, and this is perhaps why they are more willing than other signs to put their noses to the grindstone to reach their goals. They instinctively know that honesty, integrity and perseverance are the only true ways to reach the top of the mountain, and all other paths are only there to tempt and confound the less shrewd.


The eleventh sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Uranus and symbolized by the Water Bearer or Man Pouring Water. True to this symbolism, Aquarians flow out to the world, imparting their life-giving refreshment to the thirsty, needing masses. The waters which they pour out are not those which satisfy physical thirst or any bodily need, but rather which serve to cleanse men's souls of the ills of racism, prejudice and greed. As the conduit of Uranian energy, Aquarian waters bring refreshment of a finer type, a sustenance of the mind which seeks to elevate and expand Man's thinking to greater breadth of perspective. Aquarian consciousness is that universal understanding which acknowledges the whole of Mankind as one human family, within which each of its members is embraced as brother or sister. The Aquarian dream of universal brotherhood might be considered too idealistic or impractical to actually materialize in our world, but these natives hold onto it nonetheless. As water makes the earth yield abundantly, so does the Aquarian have the ability to stir men's souls, wakening the dormant seed into spiritual activity. As the water bearer, he is the possessor of truths yet unfathomable to the majority of people, and in this respect he is actually ahead of his time. The urn he wields is the fount of social idealism, universal understanding and humanitarianism, and the refreshment he pours forth are the waters of enlightenment, inspiration and ingenious discovery. These he imparts freely, without reserve, to all who seek the higher truths and whose hearts are ready to accept them.

You may be reluctant to credit the Aquarian you know with having such high-minded ideals, but don't let his appearance or even his behavior, fool you. Behind that somewhat aloof expression is a deep mind capable of analyzing the deepest problems and bringing to light some of life's greatest mysteries. Aquarians quite literally live for humanity. They have an innate understanding and appreciation of the many differences in race, culture, morality and individual personalities within the human family, but realize that these are superficial trappings which only tend to blind from recognition the common human heritage shared by all. Consequently, they do not understand the barriers of prejudice, racism, religious belief, or territorialism, which in their estimation only serve as vehicles for Man's inhumanity to Man. The forces of Uranus, which constantly vibrate within them, keep their minds focused on the Aquarian ideals of social harmony, world peace and brotherhood, and no amount of fame, power or worldly gain will ever deter them completely from these altruistic leanings.

As it is natural for them to live on a slightly higher plane, Aquarians will tend to reflect this in their physical appearance by projecting a look of remoteness. This is especially evidenced in the eyes, which will often be dreamy or other-worldly in appearance. The eyes, in fact, may convey the peculiar Aquarian trademark of appearing to not belong to the native or of somehow seeming to not go along with the rest of the features. Consider how the crystal-clear blue eyes of Aquarian Paul Newman stand out strikingly from the rest of his features. His faraway eyes, full of an undefinable compassion, have long been his trademark, but would one expect them to go along with his otherwise rugged features and impulsive manner? Even if their appearance, behavior or mannerisms do not always show it, Aquarians' eyes will never fail to convey their true humanitarian natures.

As for the rest of the features, the hair is unusual in that it almost always possesses a peculiar glint or variance of tone, suggesting the play of sunshine upon it; it will tend to be wavy or curly and often becomes grey even in youth. The face is usually long and oval with flat planes, and there is a look of nobility suggestive of the classic Greek or Roman models. The forehead is broad, intimating an intellectual nature and the power of profound thought. The nose is regular, being neither too long or too short, neither too thin or too broad, and the way its angles meet precisely at the tip conveys a look of inquisitiveness. The mouth is of medium size and regular, with the lips being somewhat thin at the edges and gradually tending to fullness toward the middle. The body presents little opportunity for description, being moderate in every way, and, as is the case with Libra, everything is well proportioned.

There's a little bit of rebellion in every Aquarian. Once they find that changing people's attitudes to a more tolerant, humanitarian perspective is more of a task than they first realized, these natives may rebel against the rigidity and stubbornness they find about them. Their dress or grooming is often unconventional. At a formal dinner party, they'll show up wearing a plaid jacket, a loud tie, an unusual hat or tennis shoes, not so much to get your attention, but to break up the stuffiness of the affair. Even if the Aquarian should cop to convention and wear the suit and tie or formal evening gown, the tie, shirt, shoes, jewelry or hairstyle will probably be an eye-catching color or a little off-beat. Even the more sedate February-born you know who normally do wear conventional dress will put on their subtle display of rebellion by giving the appearance of being haphazardly attired or carelessly strewn together. The clothes may be ill-fitting, too loose, too tight or out of style. The shirt may not go with the trousers; the tie may be off to one side or hanging loosely about the neck with open collar. Most male Aquarians will not feel or look comfortable in a suit and tie, and female Uranians likewise will not feel comfortable in a formal dress. They may further show their break from convention by taking off their shoes, acting in an off-handed or erratic manner or in general doing things to raise a few eyebrows among the more conservative of the group.

As demonstrative as these subtle forms of rebellion may be, Aquarians never seek to revolt. Unlike the social activism of Sagittarius or the forcible displeasure of Aries, they'll never advocate the more energetic types of dissent which actually seek to overthrow or change existing conditions or attitudes. Their revolt is a quiet, almost subconscious sarcasm, and they don't really believe they'll change anyone's thinking that much. These natives have learned the wisdom of not struggling against rigidity of minds if only to encounter more opposition. Part of the reason they have such an obvious disdain for the way things are is that they are actually ahead of their time, and can't understand at times how the rest of the world can be so far behind in spiritual awareness. They can have impressions of the future and may themselves exemplify, in consciousness at least, what the world will be like fifty years from now. In the meantime, they are content to work with conditions as they are, quietly and unobtrusively keeping their on-going crusade against the status quo well within acceptable confines. Every now and then, they'll offer glimpses to those less visionary, of a world less beleaguered by the ills of materialism, racism and prejudice. Their natural distaste for stuffy or overly conservative thinking, though, is held in check by a quiet optimism. They'll revel comfortably in the knowledge that the subtle promptings of Uranus will inevitably lead Man to his greater enlightenment.

Many Aquarians will have a strong scientific bend. They'll be up on all the latest scientific advancements, fascinated by astronomical discoveries, and probably well-versed in the various theories of physics, medicine or any of those sciences which are a direct benefit to Man. No matter which field is their particular interest, they can often find immense satisfaction in scientific experimentation. Most Aquarian children will want chemistry sets or electronic kits, but it might be well to lend a watchful eye toward these budding geniuses. Their natural flair for experimentation can quite often go beyond the parameters of the set or kit itself, leading to some pretty spectacular, if not dangerous results. I know of one Aquarian youngster who literally blew a hole in the roof of the family garage through one of his "extracurricular" chemistry experiments; luckily no one was hurt. Behind their scientific interest, of course, is the Aquarian dream of making a great scientific discovery which will be of benefit to Mankind. These natives could never be interested in any field from a purely intellectual perspective. Aquarians' humanitarian instinct must always be the prime motivator for them to be successful or to derive satisfaction from their work.

A natural offshoot of the Aquarian interest in electronics is their attraction to behind-the-scenes careers in radio or television. Mercury rules communication by wire; Venus rules that of personal interaction. Wireless communication, however, is typically Uranian, and the fields of radio and television provide a comfortable niche for the unique talents of many Aquarian-ruled. They have a natural affinity for dealing with anything that involves subtle vibrations or higher-frequency wave lengths, and these mediums serve as apt vehicles for their need to relate to society in a larger way. The Aquarian spirit, typically, is "out there," commingling sympathetically with the thoughts and feelings of the masses, and it is appropriate that these forms of mass communication hold a particular fascination for them. Many Uranians are gifted in other forms of 'wireless' communication such as mental telepathy, psychism or any of the occult sciences. Almost invariably with these natives there is an interest in astrology. As a study which is not a pure science, but which employs many aspects of mind, it is admirably suited to their temperaments. Whether they are casual followers, avid enthusiasts, students or professionals, Aquarians find the 'study of the stars' irresistible. There are few Uranians who don't know their birth sign and Ascendant, and you'll often find them browsing through the astrology section of the local bookstore or commenting that the reason they're suddenly forgetful is that the Moon must be in Pisces. Even the most conservative February-born (although there may be so few conservative ones as to be considered an astrological rarity) will regularly check out their horoscopes in the newspaper's astrology column.

Aquarius is called the sign of genius and not without cause. The Aquarian is equally at home on all mental planes whether intellectual, psychic, creative, analytical or spiritual, neither differentiating between them nor confusing one with another. He, more than any other sign, possesses totality of mind. Almost any mental pursuit is within his grasp. Aquarians understand the inadequacy of intellect alone to produce work of truly lasting importance. By the same token, profound spiritual wisdom or great analytical ability by themselves do not hit the mark with these natives. It is the combination of all these aspects of mind which constitute true genius, and Aquarians, subconsciously at least, understand this. The outpouring of these natives to humanity, combined with their scientific bend and fine intellects, can express itself in tireless commitments to finding the cure to diseases or to solving one of the many social, economic or spiritual ills of Mankind. Is it any wonder, then, that over eighty percent of the people honored in The Hall of Fame have been born under the influence of Aquarius? The ideals embodied in that institution parallel exactly the Aquarian spirit.


The twelfth and last sign of the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Neptune and symbolized by the Fish. To say that Pisces is represented as two fish is one thing, but to say that one is swimming upstream and the other down is quite another; therein lies a clue to the nature of its natives. There's a certain contrariety to this sign which makes Pisceans restless or sometimes at odds with themselves. As symbolized by the fish swimming in opposite directions, these natives often find a conflict between their conscious behavior and subconscious promptings or their mortal desires and spiritual yearnings. There's a part of their consciousness which tends to another realm of existence, a dimension less troubled by material things, ego gratification or grossness, and their conception of this idyllic place persists in the back of their minds at all times. Another aspect of the Pisces symbol is that one fish is above the other, representing the distinction between heaven and earth. These natives will tend to live on two planes of existence at once, the spiritual and the physical, and they can have an unusual capacity for integrating the two in their lives. The waters they inhabit are the mist-like emanations of the distant planet Neptune, and their ties with the earth are its manifestations of spirituality, psychism, intuitive powers and creativity.

Before you write off your Pisces friends as 'way out' or some kind of incurable dreamers, there's more you should know about the natives of this watery, mysterious sign. First of all, they can be giving, even self-sacrificing, to a fault. After all, who was it who answered your call in the middle of the night to rescue you from being stranded with a flat tire, or lent a sympathetic ear when you really needed it? Pisceans can never say no to a friend if his need is genuine, and even if sometimes it's not so genuine. Their hearts naturally go out to those less fortunate, the underprivileged, the underdog, the sick, even if for the moment, that happens to be you. They can be duped into helping others through false pretenses, but even then Pisces natives will not bear a grudge. They tend to see only the good in people and can be as forgiving as they are compassionate. They'll sometimes spend themselves to exhaustion in their outpouring of compassion to others, not only emotionally, but physically. At these times, they'll have to be alone, to submerge themselves once again in the subtle vibrations of Neptune's healing power, indulging in meditation, prayer or spiritual reverie in order to regain their strength.

You may have trouble spotting Pisceans in a room full of people. The more masculine ones might be mistaken for a weak Leo, the more feminine types for the passive form of Cancer. The appearance of these natives is greatly affected by other planetary positions in their natal charts, but there are some physical characteristics which are unmistakably Piscean. The general character of the facial features, for example, will be of a singular softness. Everything will seem to be rounded, especially the cheeks, which may be prominent in some way, reminding you of the gills of their zodiacal mascot. The eyes similarly, may appear to bulge with somewhat of a sleepy or dreamy expression, and in them you can get the distinct impression of wisdom, mystery or spiritual depth. For this reason, Pisces' eyes are perhaps the most beautiful in all the zodiac. The lips will tend to be full with a pursed or puckering quality, suggesting a certain sensuality. The jaw is generally weak or subdued, and in some natives, there will be a tendency to double chin. The neck is generally graceful, meeting at the shoulders with a certain smoothness of line. The hair is most often fine and wavy, usually ranging in color from blonde to dark brown, and the nose is generally small. You'll notice something peculiar about the hands and feet— they'll either be small and petite or large and cumbersome. Most Pisceans are short, although you'll find a few tall, lanky specimens wandering about the misty clouds. Many of them, especially the females, can possess an ethereal or other-worldly quality.

Pisces, being the last sign of the zodiac, is said to represent the culminating point of all the other signs and as such, implies a completeness of understanding on the part of its natives. In the Piscean personality you may find the quickness of Gemini, the peacefulness of Taurus, Leo's love of pleasure, the congeniality of Libra, the sensitivity of Cancer, the wanderlust of Sagittarius, Scorpio's mystic penetration, the helpfulness of Virgo, Aries' originality, the melancholy of Capricorn or the humanitarianism of Aquarius. Neptunians themselves may not exemplify any of these qualities in particular, but they embrace them all through their breadth of perspective. Basically, it is up to them which qualities of each sign, positive or negative, they will choose to cultivate in their own personalities. If they are judicious, acceding to opportunities for spiritual growth, they will take from each sign its own particular gem of wisdom, incorporating each one into their own crown of cosmic consciousness. Pisceans' expanse of vision is different from that of Aquarians, whose view of the universe is limited to what they can grasp intellectually. Pisceans, on the other hand, transcend this limitation by receiving impressions of the universe through their intuition or sixth sense, and can have an inkling of truths far beyond intellectual or emotional understanding.

From this perspective, it is easy to understand the Piscean's sometimes lackadaisical attitude. Try to impress on him the need for punctuality, organization and efficiency or the importance of money and career, and he'll seem vaguely interested; try to get him excited about the social unrest in Afghanistan, the instability of the world's economy or the political candidates for an upcoming election, and he'll give you a serene yet knowing smile. His actions may seem like laziness or apathy at first, but on closer scrutiny, you'll find behind them a greater wisdom. There is a part of the Piscean which recognizes, subconsciously at least, that some things are just not that important, that in the larger scheme of things, all that really matters is one's own inner development. In the deep recesses of his consciousness, he instinctively recognizes that the temporality of materialism will ultimately yield to the incorruptibility of spiritual values. Some March-born will carry this kind of thinking too far, becoming the irrepressible dreamers or the followers of blind religious devotionalism. On the other hand, some may deny this aspect of consciousness altogether, seeking to substitute spiritual experience with the euphoria of alcohol or drugs. A goodly share of skid row bums will be Pisceans, their wasted lives as testimonials to the negative side of Neptune. As with the fish, these natives have their choice of swimming upstream, against the currents of vanity, pettiness and contention to increasingly clear waters, or to let themselves be swept away to the murky waters below.

The challenge to Pisces natives is to somehow integrate their affinity with the more subtle planes to some constructive work on the physical level. They may achieve this by working in artistic or creative occupations where intuition and creativity are necessary attributes. Neptunians can make excellent musicians whether classical, jazz or rock, imbuing an intriguing, soulful quality to their performances. In painting or sculpture, their works manifest an other-worldly quality, capable of evoking profound emotion. Piscean writers can be very fluent and voluble; their words seem to flow from them in a torrent. In dance, they will exemplify a fluidity of motion not found in other signs. Neptune rules the feet, and these natives can be capable of some pretty fancy footwork whether on stage as ballerinas or on the dance floor of a local discotheque. No matter what their occupation or interest, they will never feel happy in their work unless it somehow entails a certain amount of creativity or involvement in the realms of the spiritual, the subconscious, the psychic or the unseen. Similarly, Pisceans will not be able to maintain for very long friendships or associations with those who are too materialistic or worldly. They may actually get physically ill if obliged to subscribe to their mundane philosophies for very long.

Neptunian energies can also find a positive outlet in the medical field, especially in those occupations where there is a direct personal involvement with the sick. Their outpouring of sympathy and a desire to help the weak or infirmed are natural attributes for doctors, nurses, medical receptionists, assistants, attendants, etc. In these occupations, Pisceans find outlet for their Neptunian drives of compassion and mercy while their professional statures curb the likelihood of their being taken advantage of. So penetrating is their sensitivity that a touch or words of understanding from these natives can sometimes be as curative as the medical treatment itself. In the same way, social work, caring for the handicapped, counseling for child abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, for the dying or bereaved, etc. are occupations uniquely suited to Pisceans' sense of mercy and their sensitivity to spiritual and emotional needs. If they're typical March-born, they are not discriminatory to whom they extend their consoling words or actions whether to saint, sinner, murderer, thief, liar, rich or poor, deserving or undeserving. They instinctively recognize the integrity of each person's spirit and with a forgiving heart can overlook the apparent causes of their particular situation of problem. You'll never get judgmental remarks or condescending glances from these natives. Their ultra-sensitivity allows them to see the spiritual essence within each individual with a certain reverence. Their insight into the spiritual realms can sometimes lead them to commitments in the religious life as priests, reverends, monks or nuns.

The super-subtlety of Pisces can often lead the natives to confuse the material and spiritual planes, taking the shadow for substance or reality for illusion. Indeed, because their outlook is not entirely from a physical perspective, Neptunians can in some cases, regard everything as dream or illusion. Although Shakespeare was a Taurus, he left words with profound insight into this typically Piscean frame of thought:

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.

To the March-born, life can be a masquerade with one big illusion after another. They understand the superficiality of life with its many facades and pretenses, and how society tends to identify with roles rather than with the persons within them. Pisces natives may purposely put on weird masquerades almost in sarcasm of this shallow perspective. The rock star who paints his face, wears strange clothes and indulges in outrageous behavior is definitely of the Piscean persuasion. If a woman wears too much makeup or dyes her hair an odd color, you can bet she's a Pisces. Human fish will often personify the glitter of illusion by wearing dazzling apparel and wild colors. You'll find the colorful neons and the shimmering tinfoils, but you'll also find the conservative brown oscars and the blushing angel fish, other Neptunian disguises. Sometimes they'll change masks so fast, you'll wonder what's real and what's illusion yourself, and they'll delight in keeping you guessing, forever hiding their vulnerable, sensitive souls behind the many masquerades of earthly life.


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